Saturday, September 30, 2006

Baseball Fever...Catch It!!!

The baseball playoffs start in just a few days and there's good news everywhere:

1. Not only have the Yankees won the AL East, but they also won home field advantage throughout.

2. The Red Sox were destroyed by the Yankees back in August and didn't make the playoffs.

3. The Dodgers made the playoffs and I've got tickets.

The bad news:

1. Randy Johnson might be out of the playoffs with a herniated disk.

2. I don't know any bar in LA that caters to Yankees or fans of New York fans. I know bars that are Boston/New England-friendly (Sonny McLean's), Philly-friendly (The Shack), Pittsburgh-friendly (Champs), but no big Yankees/NY bars around town. I would love to go to a bar where I'm surrounded in people wearing the pinstripes and Jeter jerseys. But I do have a friend (Dolder) with HDTV, and he happens to live next door, and he might be up for watching some Yankee-ball...even if he is an Orioles fan.

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