Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Breaking Down

This is my first post on my very first blog, and I'm a bit nervous. For a couple of years, I've been hesitant to blog, but since it's not going away, here's what held me back:

1) I was scared to jump into the blogging thing?: I've felt peer pressure from a number of people (including Gwen and Patry) to get into blogging. My main concern was that I've never been able to keep a journal regularly and was sure that there was no way in hell I'd ever keep this thing up. But, Patry did mention something that made sense: blog secretly for a little while and if it work and I keep up with it, gradually make it public. So, here is my secret blog. Please don't discover it until I've gotten this thing down.

2) Who would want to read about my boring life?: Seriously, who would? But I have to tell you, I'm entertained by all sorts of blogs on the inter-webber-nets, and not all of them are super-exciting. And if their blogs aren't exciting, maybe someone out there might just find this half-amusing (or perhaps, just a time-waster at work).

3) What the hell would I title this thing?: I sat here for twenty minutes, trying to come up with some sort of witty name, and, to be frank, I didn't think a pun-based title would remain amusing beyond tomorrow. I searched through the ipod for some inspiration and the best I could come up with was "Everyday I Write the Blog," based on Elvis Costello's "Everyday I Write the Book," but A) it fell into the category of a lame, pun-based title, and, B) As much as I love Elvis, I don't really like "Everyday I Write the Book" (and if you agree, check out the alternate version on the "Punch the Clock" bonus disc, which is much better than the album version). So, I settled on a simple, home-based title. (For those who can't find it, head here and look for Rodney Drive in Los Angeles) It's not a sexy title, but let's face it, neither is "Law & Order," and they've snagged a shitload of viewers.

4) What should I post first?: I've gone through a number of potential posts, and most of them are music related. Ideas have included: songs that defined my twenties, Beatles music you should know, why the Beta Band's "Dry the Rain" sounded really good on my headphones at work, and, of course, why my fantasy football teams suck. I'm back pocket-ing those for now, mainly because they're too much work for tonight, so instead, it's a break-down of why I'm doing this. It's my intro, my cold open, my super tease, but with a lot less flash and a lot less fast music and more explination than you'll ever really want.

So, with that, I'm beginning my blog. Now that I've got my first one done, I'm ready for my second.

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