Saturday, October 28, 2006

Baseball Hibernation

The Cardinals beat the Tigers in the World Series last night in a really boring World Series...I should clarify, boring if you're not a fan of the Tigers or Cardinals. The games were close, but not dramatic. There was no big moment besides the Kenny Rogers/Pine Tar incident. A Subway Series would've been so much better than this. Too bad it didn't happen.

But now, it's the long off-season. I do enjoy the Hot Stove season, but I'm a little nervous about what the Yanks can and will do. They, as everyone, need pitching, but I don't think the free agent market is great, and I certainly don't want them trading any good prospects away. And, really, A-Rod should stay unless you can get a #1 or #2 starter and a big-time starting third basemen for him. Oh yeah, and Gary Sheffield's being a pain in the ass because they signed his one year option and might trade him. Big surprise.

Since the Yanks got eliminated, I've found comfort in the NY Giants, who, for the first time in years, seem like the real deal. When they made their Super Bowl run in 2000, they were a pretty bad team early in the season and happened to get hot at the right time. Last year was a pleasant surprise since Eli was still, theoretically 'a year away,' but this year, they're supposed to be good. After starting out 1-2 and dealing with the Jeremy Shockey/Coughlin criticism, the team has played incredibly well and are now 4-2 and sitting in first place in the NFC East.

Even thought the Giants are playing well, and the NFL is endlessly entertaining, it's not baseball. I love watching football and Sunday is a holy day of sports, but in the winter, I really long for nine innings, Vin Scully, and a hot dog and a beer. When I was a kid, I dreaded the off-season, mainly because there were so few articles on baseball and there were no baseball stats to follow. I used to look forward to opening the Star Ledger to find an article about the Yanks or about a big trade happening somewhere in MLB. At least now I can surf the web and read all the random trade and signing rumors to keep me busy.

As with all baseball fans, I'll now be counting down the days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

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