Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nuts and Honeys: Game 3 Recap



NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Out to prove that the previous week’s tie was a fluke, Nuts and Honeys promised to come roaring out of the gate with a vengeance, like a hungry lion at the Coliseum in Ancient Rome, ready to pounce on a wounded gladiator. And roar Nuts and Honeys did, as they ferociously tore Legs of Fury from their limbs in an 11-0 feast.

N&H Captains Sam Kraft and Cindy Bautista preached a “score early” mentality, and clearly the team was listening. On-Base Machine Corey Wish worked the pitcher to earn a lead off walk. Wish moved to second on Cindy Bautista’s single. With no outs, Dustin Montez worked the pitcher for a walk to load the bases. With the sacks full of Nuts and a bit ‘o Honey, clean-up kicker Doug Weyek booted a long single, scoring both Wish and Bautista. With two on and no outs, Travis Greene singled, but the Legs’ spotty fielding allowed both Montez and Weyek to score the third and fourth runs of the inning, while Greene took second.

Captain Sam Kraft continued the big inning with a single, pushing Greene to third. Nuts and Honeys were temporarily slowed when Brian Buller kicked to the shortstop of Fury, who threw Kraft out on a force at second base. With Greene waiting on third, Buller on first, and one out, Steve Niel stepped up and booted a deep single into the grass. Both Greene and Buller scored, bringing the tally to 6-0.

A quick pop out by Nut Catcher Chris Nye brought Legs of Fury within one out of bringing the big inning to an end, but not before Cheri Ota stepped to the plate and kicked a double, scoring Niel. By the time first basemen Suzanne Land grounded to the first basemen for the final out of the inning, eleven Nuts and Honeys had kicked and seven runs had scored.

The offense for the Honeys briefly went into hibernation until the fourth inning, when relief pitcher Chris Roach lead off with a single. Karen Agnes pushed Roach to second on a force out to first. Corey Wish laid down a bunt, and Roach sprinted to third. The Legs’ catcher threw to the hot corner, but their third basemen believed that it was a force out and neglected to tag Roach. Roach was safe at third, and the speedy Wish at first. Cindy Bautista kicked into a force out at first, scoring Roach and advancing Wish to second. Dustin Montez booted yet another single, driving in Wish, and giving Nuts and Honeys a 9-0 lead.

In the fifth and final frame, the Honeys began a third wave of scoring when, with one out, Captain Sam Kraft, Brian Buller, and Steve Niel singled back-to-back-to-back, scoring Kraft and leaving Buller at third. With two outs, Cheri Ota singled, driving Buller in for the 11th, and final, run of the game for Nuts and Honeys.

But it wasn’t just the offense doing the “Leg” work for Nuts and Honeys. The one-two combo of N&H pitchers Doug Weyek and Chris Roach, turned Legs of Fury into Feet of Stone, as the opposition struggled to get a runner past second base the entire game. Behind the two hurlers, the Honeys played flawless defense, with Cheri Ota earning Web Gem of the Game on her fourth inning running catch, that helped to preserve the shut out.

As Weyek easily closed the game out, Nuts and Honeys not only walked away with their easiest win of the year, they also found themselves sitting atop the standings of WAKA’S Studio Division, hoping to keep the momentum going into their next game.

GAME NOTES: 20 Nuts and Honeys were active for the game…Game time was 9pm, but due to the length of the previous game, first pitch wasn’t until 9:30pm…Weyek earns his first win of the season. Roach earned the victory in the first game, and no one wins in a tie…The Legs of Fury “mascot,” mannequin legs adorned with flames, was a target for kickers on both teams. Each time the flame legs were hit, the two boisterous fans for Legs would boo…A number of players for Legs of Fury weren’t in uniform at the start of the game, but in the third, our wonderful WAKA rep, Katie, brought shirts for those who needed it, and they all changed in the midst of the field…Nuts and Honeys have officially challenged the Valley Girls to a game of flip cup, which will take place after next week’s games…Cheri Ota told sources that she reads the “Nuts and Honeys” recaps and took umbrage at last week’s column, which stated, “no one reads this thing.” The column officially apologizes to Cheri. If anyone else reads this, I owe you an apology as well.

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