Friday, October 27, 2006

Nuts and Honeys: Game 6 Recap


NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Depressing! Horrifying! Downright ugly! Those were the words used to describe the state of the field where Nuts and Honeys battled Uno Mas on Monday. Despite the poor field conditions, Nuts and Honeys and Uno Mas locked horns in an epic battle that pitted #1 vs. #2; the undefeated upstart versus the powerful vets; two titans looking to leave it all on the field. And when it was over, and the dust finally settled, Uno Mas squeaked out a 3-2 victory, giving Nuts and Honeys their first loss of the season, and changing the leader board dramatically, as Nuts and Honeys fell out of first place for the first time since week three of the season.

After holding Uno Mas silent for the top of the first inning, Nuts and Honeys took their place at bat and struck quickly. Speedster Corey Wish singled easily and was pushed to second on a sacrifice grounder by Captain Cindy Bautista. Dustin Montez singled, pushing Wish to third. Doug Weyek popped out to the short stop, deep enough for Wish to tag home, and score the first and only run of the inning.

In the second, Uno Mas struck back, quick and hard, kicking a number of singles, and, with some incredibly aggressive base running, were able to manufacture two key runs in the inning, taking a 2-1 lead.

Uno Mas tacked another run in the third, taking a 3-1 lead, and in the top of the fourth, they threatened to blow the game wide open. With a runner on board, a kicker for Mas booted the ball beyond first, but right fielder Tia Ayers sprinted to make a spectacular catch, getting the first out, and preventing the runner on first from advancing. Uno Mas put another runner on board with their second single of the inning, and the next kicker tried to drive the ball into right field. The ball was driving fast and far, and looked like it would clear the outfield, but once again, Ayers made an even more spectacular, leaping catch, surprising Uno Mas, and preventing both runners from advancing.

Nuts and Honeys struggled offensively in the second and third, partially due to the great defensive play and pitching of Uno Mas. But in the fourth, the slumbering Nuts and Honeys offense finally woke up. Ayers, who single handedly re-energized the team with her defensive stardom, lead off the inning with a single. Chris Roach, kicking for the first time since his finger injury, followed with another single. Michael Ching singled to load the bases. Tom Fiscella, inspired by the Detroit Tigers, singled, and drove in Ayers, bringing Nuts and Honeys within one run of tying the game.

With no outs and the bases loaded, Karen Agnes popped a bunt deep beyond first base, in hopes of bringing in the tying run. Chris Roach left a half-second before the catch was made, and was called out after Uno Mas threw to third and stepped on the bag. But with two outs, and Fiscella and Ching on first and second, Corey Wish knocked a single into right field. Ching sprinted around third and made a run for home. But halfway home, Ching tripped and fell onto the baseline. Uno Mas threw the ball in and tagged the bloody, fallen Nut for the final out of the inning.

In the top of the fourth, Uno Mas dug in and tried to widen their lead, but the Honeys were ready and waiting in the field. The leadoff batter unwisely kicked to Tia Ayers, who once again, made a fantastic catch to earn the first out of the inning. The second batter bunted directly to shortstop Montez, who threw to Captain Sam Kraft at first. But the ball bounced off of Kraft and, luckily, into the runner, who was called out. The third batter lined between second and third, and Travis Greene made a running catch to end the inning without allowing a runner on board.

Nuts and Honeys needed a miracle comeback in the bottom of the fourth in hopes of earning a win. Captain Bautista lead off with what should’ve been a single, but when running to base, she slowed down after badly pulling a muscle in her leg, and was thrown out at first. Montez followed with a bunt, but the pitcher fielded the ball quickly and threw Montez out for the second out of the inning.

Down to the final out, Doug Weyek stepped up and kept hope alive by singling to left. Brian Buller continued the rally with a single that went beyond second base. As Uno Mas continued to field the ball, Weyek sprinted beyond second and took a risk, hoping to take third. But as he was running, Weyek looked over his shoulder to see the ball coming right at him. Weyek tried to leap, but the ball clipped his foot, and the game was over: Nuts and Honeys were undefeated and in first place no more.

GAME NOTES: 18 Nuts and Honeys were eligible for the game…the entire Nuts and Honeys team were given a prescription for Prozac to prevent post-loss depression from setting in. Actually, let’s face it, I’m really the one depressed and need help. I can’t write about losing any more. This team needs to win next week so I can stop crying as I write. Please. (Sniff, sniff!)

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