Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rolling Stone 500

Rolling Stone recently published their "500 Greatest Albums" list...again. They do this every 5-10 years, and it's a silly list as there's little change from the previous list. The good thing is, though, that it introduces people to albums that they've never listened to. Of course, the list is totally arbitrary, but I had some issues, mainly that some of these albums should be higher on the list:

151. Darkness on the Edge of Town, Bruce Springsteen: At #151, this is high, but not high enough. Maybe the people who made the list feel it's more like 'Born To Run 2,' but, in some ways, I feel it's better than 'Born To Run.' I think this should be in the top 100, easily, if only for 'Racing in The Street.'

162. Ok Computer, Radiohead: Wrong! This should be in the top 30, maybe even top 20. Easily the best album of the last 10 years. Wow, it's almost 10 years old, that's insane.

254. Whitney Houston, Whitney Houston: While Whitney Houston was a talented singer, this album does not belong here. I mean, my sister owned this album when she was six-years-old, and any album a six-year-old owns does not belong on this list.

316. Rock Steady, No Doubt: 'Rock Steady,' isn't bad, but it's just not that good. Does it really deserve to be this high on the list? No way. This is candy - sweet going down, but it won't last for long. I'm guessing this will be much lower on the list the next time they make one.

379. Greetings from Asbury Park, Bruce Springsteen: Yeah, another album by Bruce is too low. Maybe because I listened to this as a break up album, or the childhood memories of my dad playing it in the car, but I just love this album. Should be higher than Whitney Houston's crap at least.

403. Radio City, Big Star/438. #1 Record, Big Star: I put these two together, mainly because they sell them together now. Big Star is one of the most underrated bands ever, period. This should be in the top 250.

437. All Things Must Pass, George Harrison: Wow, I can't believe this is so low on the list. Yeah, it could use a little bit of an edit, but this is probably the strongest solo effort by a Beatle. Yeah, better than 'Imagine' and 'Plastic Ono Band,' which are both much higher on the list.

443. Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963, Sam Cooke: No complaints here. This is a phenomenal live album, and if they were to do a 'Best Live Albums' list, this would be up there with the Who's 'Live at Leeds.' Just listen to his medley of 'It's All Right/For Sentimental Reasons,' and if you don't get the chills listening to him pull the audience into it, then you have no soul.


PVision said...

I've never even heard of Big Star. I'm not even sure what that says about me.

Erin said...

So you are saying that my Debbie Gibson "Electric Youth" didn't make it?! Just b/c I was 6 doesn't mean I couldn't have great taste in music. You think Whitney doesn't deserve her ranking? Hell to the no!