Monday, November 20, 2006

Corporate Tunes

I guess MBNA and Bank of America merged and they had some sort of big meeting/pow-wow to talk about the merger. Well, some guy named Ethan Chandler, who I guess works for Bank Of America and also is a singer/songwriter of some sort and a BIG Counting Crows fan (see his website for more great info) performed a MBNA/Bank of America merger version of U2's "One." I guess this was going around on Friday, but I missed it:

Awful. If you're doing a parody, you should be doing it with a smirk, but clearly, the guy (and the audience) are taking it very seriously. This guy does NOT mess around with his U2-based songs about business mergers.

Over the weekend, David Cross was performing with Modest Mouse and did his own performance of the song:

This whole U2-butchering reminds me of a song that was passed on from, what I'll call for the sake of their innocence, an acquaintance. This person once worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers and told me that there was a corporate theme song, which he then played for me. It is amazing. Judge for yourself:

PricewaterhouseCoopers' "Your World/Our People"

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I thought about the singers and session musicians who were forced to make this crap and I felt half-bad for them, but I'm guessing they got paid a ton. Based on my experiences, I imagine the execs gave them a ton of bad notes on the song like: "Can you add more whammy bar on that guitar, please?" or "We'd like an acapella section that inspires our employees to clap along!"

These are just more reasons why corporate America should never be running music labels. Oh wait, too late. I guess that explains a lot.

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PVision said...

Wow. "One Bank. One Card." and "We'll live our our core values, while the competition crawls."

That's hot.