Thursday, November 09, 2006


I've kept this blog a secret since day one. But today, my privacy was compromised. My secret was no more. I was blog-outted!!!

I was at my desk, eating lunch, and editing my post on Thanksgiving when Gwen walked by and spotted me writing on She said, "Are you blogging?" I replied, "No I'm not...well maybe." Gwen, along with Patry), were both pushing for me to do this shit. So when she spotted it, she became very excited, and clearly proud that the peer pressure had gotten to me.

I thought I had covered up my screen well enough so she couldn't see, but apparently, she saw the title of the blog, then, spread the word to Afsheen who then searched and found it. I asked Gwen not to read until I told Heather. My guess is that both of them have already read it due to impatience.

This is not the way I planned my blog-outting. I was warming up to the idea of telling people, going slowly, explaining that, "Yes, I blog." It's not easy, people. If I were a motivated person, I'd take the "People" magazine cover with Lance Bass that says "Yes, I'm Gay," and photoshop it with a picture of myself and the caption, "Yes, I blog!"

So for those of you reading...welcome. And for those of you snooping around my desk...STAY AWAY!!!

PS: Gwen and Afsheen, you're both on notice!!!!


Gwen said...

I really didn't read it! I did see that you posted a picture of a turkey, but that was it. You have no idea how hard it was to resist. Afsheen says he didn't, either, because I made him feel guilty. In fact, neither of us will ever read it again, just to be safe.

Brian said...

I'm having a platform release of the blog now. So you and Afsheen may now read at will.

PVision said...

Brian 1.0 (Beta)