Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models: The Intro

This week's Entertainment Weekly is entitled "The Inspirations Issue," which is basically celebs and artists talking about the people who inspire them or were role models or influences in their careers.
As I was reading it, I thought, "No one ever asks my friends about their influences in their professional life." And then I added, "There are also no magazines about my friends." Well since I'm not a multi-millionaire who owns a publishing company, I can't make a magazine about my friends (although if I could, my magazine would be called "B" and I would be featured every month on the cover looking incredibly skinny).

So instead, I asked a number of people about their inspirations, influences, and role models. Here was the question I posed:

Who has influenced/inspired you to get to where you are?

I've gotten a number of responses and so far, they've all been incredibly different, and interesting. I'm still awaiting more, and anyone else who reads this and wants to add their influence/inspiration/role model, please send me an email.

I'll be posting each of these individually. Coming tomorrow morning: TV Producer extraordinaire, Blake Levin.

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