Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models: Blake Levin

So, it is time to begin the first ever "Live From Rodney Drive Blogging Series on Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models," which can be shortened to: "LFRDBS on II&RM." Nice and tidy!

First up is from TV Producer and Master of NHL '93, Blake Levin:

It might seem cliché since you know me well, but my biggest inspiration has always been Wayne Gretzky. Although he doesn’t work exactly in my industry, I have always been an admirer of his and I keep a early 90’s Gretzky poster in what ever office I’m working in to remind me.

I have patterned the way I approach projects and my career in a manner that I would hope is similar to the way he approached the game of hockey. As a hockey player, he had the perfect combination of pure natural talent and raw emotion, but what really set him apart from the rest was his intellectual approach to the game. He was always thinking one step ahead of what was happening on the ice and anticipation was the most important part of his game. I feel that to truly succeed in the world of reality television, you have to bring this approach to your work environment. We all can get far working on instinct, on that rush you get when you are shooting something great or figuring out a way to approach a script that you hadn’t seen before, but it’s the constant flash in your mind of what happens next that will allow you to truly succeed in this industry.

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