Thursday, November 30, 2006

Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models: Erin McCarthy

It's time for the second ever "Live From Rodney Drive Blogging Series on Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models!" The popularity of yesterday's entry had people coming by the, let's just say it was the biggest day ever at Live From Rodney Drive.

Today's entry takes a more personal turn, as my sister, cell biologist and ├╝ber-nerd Erin McCarthy drops some wisdom on us about her role model, our dad, Jerry McCarthy:

As part of a family that actively avoided having to learn about science, at first glance it wouldn't seem like I was inspired to become a cell
biologist from my family....but I was. I am blessed that both Mom and
Dad were huge supporters their nerdy daughter, but I would have to say
specifically that Dad really let me see the beauty in understanding how
things work.

I remember always asking him how things actually the plumbing in the house let us shower, how our bank receives our checks, how the rocks in rivers get smooth....anything. I think a lot of the time he may have made up an answer, but I couldn't get enough....I wanted to see how these things worked first-hand. Dad would be my first checking account holder at the fake bank I set up in the basement. Dad bought each of my 3 Rock Tumblers (they were pieces of crap, but I loved them!) so I could see how rocks became smooth. The list goes on but I know Brian's memories of my experiments make me out to be more annoying than inquisitive. Fast forward to now and my drive to figure out how things work isn't any different. In thinking about how a cell lives and divides, I just think about things on a smaller scale as my dad taught me, but obviously, Dad can't help me figure it out now. Somehow none of this rubbed off on Brian....he just wanted to figure out a way to make things funny.


LEE MAN said...

No offense to E-Dawg, but all of these words are hurting my sensitive eyes. BUT, love the pic of Pedro - what a card!

DopeDaddy said...

Jerry rules...I remember when his daughter Erin was looking through a sexy catalog (Fredrick's perhaps) and remarked that a certain outfit might be nice for her prom dress... "ohhh, that looks good" I remarked....and without missing a beat..."Willer, get away from my daughter!" Good times.