Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nuts and Honeys: Game 8 Recap


Captain Sam Kraft says, "You stay classy, Studio league!"

NORTH HOLLYWOOD – After two heartbreaking losses, Nuts and Honeys came to their final regular season game with one goal in mind: finish the season strong and storm into the playoffs. But the Mean Girls and Boys Next Door were looking to take advantage of the Honeys’ recent losing streak and jump in the standings for the playoffs. With so much on the line for both teams, it was quite a surprise when Nuts and Honeys bullied the Mean Girls and Boys into submission and then sent them home for dinner, winning 10-0, clinching the 4th seed in the playoffs and sending a message to the rest of the league: We’re back!

In the top of the first, Corey Wish led off with a single, and Tia Ayers pushed Wish over to second with another single. When Dustin Montez singled again, the speedy Wish sprinted from second to home to score the first run of the game. Doug Weyek booted a single deep into the outfield, pushing both Ayers and Montez home for a 3-0 lead.

Brian “Bullet” Buller kept the rally going, kicking the fifth consecutive single of the inning. Travis Greene put a-hurtin’ on when he kicked a bases-clearing triple, bringing the score to 5-0. With first base open, the Mean Girls walked Steve Niel. Brian McCarthy drove in the final two runs of the first inning when he kicked a towering pop up that the fielders couldn’t handle. Greene and Niel took advantage of the gaffe and scored on the play. With a 7-0 lead, Nuts and Honeys were clearly in control.

The scoring continued for Nuts and Honeys in the second, when Tom Fiscella led off with a single. Fiscella went to second on Gwen Mesco’s first kick of the season. In the controversial play of the night, Cheri Ota kicked into the infield. As they threw to get the force at second, Mesco unintentionally ran over the rover who fielded the ball, knocking her to the ground. Fiscella took advantage, running all the way home, scoring the 8th run of the night. Mesco was apologetic for knocking over the helpless fielder, but has now earned a reputation for being violent, and quite possibly, a threat to the physical well-being of all teams out there.

In the third, Corey Wish singled and moved to second on Dustin Montez’s single. Doug Weyek kicked a grounder to the rover, who forced out Montez at second. Wish took advantage once again and scored for the second time of the night, giving N&H a 9-0 lead.

Nuts and Honeys continued their offensive show in the fifth, as Chris Nye led off with a single. Captain Sam Kraft singled and drove Nye to second. Tom Fiscella kicked his second single of the night and drove in Nye for the 10th and final run of the night.

But it wasn’t all offense for Nuts and Honeys. Weyek and Nye pitched a dominant shutout and had help from a defensive front that was stellar, including great plays from Tia Ayers, who made a huge catch to preserve the shutout in the fifth, Dustin Montez, who made a huge double play in the fourth, and Tom Fiscella, who, in the third tipped a screaming line drive into the air, and bobbled the ball until finally, he was able to control it and catch it.

It was the first time in weeks that Nuts and Honeys looked strong both offensively and defensively. But in order to continue their season, N&H will have to double that effort against the dangerous Pregnant Cheerleader’s squad in the first round of the playoffs. “The Pregnant Cheerleaders may be dangerous,” Captain Sam Kraft noted, continuing confidently, “but we have our Cadence, and the best defense in the league. Bring it on!”

GAME NOTES: 17 Nuts and Honeys were active for the game…The 10 runs scored were more than Nuts and Honeys had scored in the last three games combined…Captain Cindy Bautista was able to kick, but due to her finger injury, will not be in the field for the rest of the season. Both she and Chris Roach will be designated kickers for the remainder of the playoffs...And one last note for the regular season: Dustin Montez would like to say, in honor of Steve Niel, “Shakalaka Mutha Fucka!”

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