Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Blogging: Part 1

Okay, so I'm going to try and post a couple of times today with little updates about turkey day..

I went to sleep later than I planned, but I woke up earlier than I wanted to, but only because our neighbor, whose bedroom wall is up against ours, leaves their alarm going off every morning. This has been going on for the last two weeks or so, and usually it's fine since we need to get up for work. But today I needed the extra few minutes of sleep, and it woke us up a little bit after 8:30am. What makes it even worse is that not only are we up and cranky, but everyday, we have to listen to the alarm go off until it shuts itself off. The good news is, the alarm finally shut itself off after ringing for 40 minutes. I was not thankful for that at all.

But I'm awake now and it's time to start getting this day going. I'm off to help clean some more of the apartment, and then start working on the side dishes.


DopeDaddy said...

I hate neighbors. My neighbor's alarm clock doesn't have that auto shut off feature. They also like to listen to foreign music very loud at 8am on Saturday. Not a fan.

Brian said...

I'm not sure what's worse: the alarm clock or the woman with the hacking smoker's cough who sounds like she's dying.