Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models: Dave Willer

The 3rd installment of the "Live From Rodney Drive Blogging Series on Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models!" has been slightly delayed due to my hectic week. But, since you've all been waiting so patiently, here it is!!

Our next up is a friend I met in second grade and became fast friends with after talking about our love of Knight Rider. Here is TV News Director and fellow new blogger, Dave Willer, who gives some love to a director who was kind to him years ago, Ross Kestin:

I was inspired by Ross Kestin, who was a director at KABC-TV while I interned there in 1997 for the spring semester (January - May). I saw that he had a lot of respect, but at the same time was easy going, good at his job and seemed to enjoy it. Seeing that he could make a career out of TV news helped me realize that I could as well. He also answered all of my questions and let me sit with him a lot and just asked that when an intern asked the same of me, that I oblige, which I have always done.

We've emailed a few times here and there, but I wouldn't say I keep in regular touch with him. He did make fun of me when I was complaining about using 3/4" tape in our rented truck in Binghamton (when the tornado hit our building), saying how they thought it was the greatest thing when 3/4" came out, that it made life so much easier!! Can't believe it. (ED. NOTE: This is amusing to those in TV. If you don't get it, chuckle briefly, and move on)

(ED. NOTE 2: Since I don't have pictures of Ross, that's a picture of a control room for Dave to enjoy.)


Allen Iverson said...

That joke's not even funny for TV people... unless your nickname is "DOPE".

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ross Kestin here. I stumbled upon this while googling myself. Nice to hear that Dave is doing so well. Boston is a great market.

I'm still at KABC-TV, and we now use Grass Valley Ignite for our newscasts. Wonders never cease, I guess.

My best to Dave and all you other folks out there in TV Land. Thanks for the kind words.