Saturday, December 09, 2006

Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models: Heather Keller

My blogging has slowed this week due to a hectic time at work - it was so crazy, I actually forgot about the internet for a few days.

Anyway, continuing on with the "Live From Rodney Drive Blogging Series on Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models!" (which is incredibly popular amongst those from Finland and France who have stumbled upon the page when googling the words "Corkey Bucheck" or "Big Star")

Our latest entry is from my favorite actress in the world, Heather Keller, who can be seen early next year at Theatre West in "Dancing at Lughnasa." Anyway, here's Heather's thoughts on an actress who has been very influential to her over the last few years, Jennifer Garner:

When "Alias" aired, I began to look up to Jennifer Garner. Partly because she was so good in her role as Sydney Bristow, but also, because she wasn't anorexic-thin and didn't appear fake in her interviews. She seemed a bit dorky, but that only made her more human instead of seeming like a robot under the influence of a publicist.

Her interviews have gotten more publicist affected, but her body is curvy and athletic. In this day and age of more and more kids becoming paranoid about food and entering eating disorder facilities, I think we need more role models whose main goal isn't to be as skinny as possible.


Corky Buchek said...

Bing Bong Bing Bong Bing (click) (click)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is soooo true.

Anonymous said...

Jen Garner is so beautiful even with her real woman body.