Saturday, October 28, 2006

Baseball Hibernation

The Cardinals beat the Tigers in the World Series last night in a really boring World Series...I should clarify, boring if you're not a fan of the Tigers or Cardinals. The games were close, but not dramatic. There was no big moment besides the Kenny Rogers/Pine Tar incident. A Subway Series would've been so much better than this. Too bad it didn't happen.

But now, it's the long off-season. I do enjoy the Hot Stove season, but I'm a little nervous about what the Yanks can and will do. They, as everyone, need pitching, but I don't think the free agent market is great, and I certainly don't want them trading any good prospects away. And, really, A-Rod should stay unless you can get a #1 or #2 starter and a big-time starting third basemen for him. Oh yeah, and Gary Sheffield's being a pain in the ass because they signed his one year option and might trade him. Big surprise.

Since the Yanks got eliminated, I've found comfort in the NY Giants, who, for the first time in years, seem like the real deal. When they made their Super Bowl run in 2000, they were a pretty bad team early in the season and happened to get hot at the right time. Last year was a pleasant surprise since Eli was still, theoretically 'a year away,' but this year, they're supposed to be good. After starting out 1-2 and dealing with the Jeremy Shockey/Coughlin criticism, the team has played incredibly well and are now 4-2 and sitting in first place in the NFC East.

Even thought the Giants are playing well, and the NFL is endlessly entertaining, it's not baseball. I love watching football and Sunday is a holy day of sports, but in the winter, I really long for nine innings, Vin Scully, and a hot dog and a beer. When I was a kid, I dreaded the off-season, mainly because there were so few articles on baseball and there were no baseball stats to follow. I used to look forward to opening the Star Ledger to find an article about the Yanks or about a big trade happening somewhere in MLB. At least now I can surf the web and read all the random trade and signing rumors to keep me busy.

As with all baseball fans, I'll now be counting down the days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Nuts and Honeys: Game 6 Recap


NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Depressing! Horrifying! Downright ugly! Those were the words used to describe the state of the field where Nuts and Honeys battled Uno Mas on Monday. Despite the poor field conditions, Nuts and Honeys and Uno Mas locked horns in an epic battle that pitted #1 vs. #2; the undefeated upstart versus the powerful vets; two titans looking to leave it all on the field. And when it was over, and the dust finally settled, Uno Mas squeaked out a 3-2 victory, giving Nuts and Honeys their first loss of the season, and changing the leader board dramatically, as Nuts and Honeys fell out of first place for the first time since week three of the season.

After holding Uno Mas silent for the top of the first inning, Nuts and Honeys took their place at bat and struck quickly. Speedster Corey Wish singled easily and was pushed to second on a sacrifice grounder by Captain Cindy Bautista. Dustin Montez singled, pushing Wish to third. Doug Weyek popped out to the short stop, deep enough for Wish to tag home, and score the first and only run of the inning.

In the second, Uno Mas struck back, quick and hard, kicking a number of singles, and, with some incredibly aggressive base running, were able to manufacture two key runs in the inning, taking a 2-1 lead.

Uno Mas tacked another run in the third, taking a 3-1 lead, and in the top of the fourth, they threatened to blow the game wide open. With a runner on board, a kicker for Mas booted the ball beyond first, but right fielder Tia Ayers sprinted to make a spectacular catch, getting the first out, and preventing the runner on first from advancing. Uno Mas put another runner on board with their second single of the inning, and the next kicker tried to drive the ball into right field. The ball was driving fast and far, and looked like it would clear the outfield, but once again, Ayers made an even more spectacular, leaping catch, surprising Uno Mas, and preventing both runners from advancing.

Nuts and Honeys struggled offensively in the second and third, partially due to the great defensive play and pitching of Uno Mas. But in the fourth, the slumbering Nuts and Honeys offense finally woke up. Ayers, who single handedly re-energized the team with her defensive stardom, lead off the inning with a single. Chris Roach, kicking for the first time since his finger injury, followed with another single. Michael Ching singled to load the bases. Tom Fiscella, inspired by the Detroit Tigers, singled, and drove in Ayers, bringing Nuts and Honeys within one run of tying the game.

With no outs and the bases loaded, Karen Agnes popped a bunt deep beyond first base, in hopes of bringing in the tying run. Chris Roach left a half-second before the catch was made, and was called out after Uno Mas threw to third and stepped on the bag. But with two outs, and Fiscella and Ching on first and second, Corey Wish knocked a single into right field. Ching sprinted around third and made a run for home. But halfway home, Ching tripped and fell onto the baseline. Uno Mas threw the ball in and tagged the bloody, fallen Nut for the final out of the inning.

In the top of the fourth, Uno Mas dug in and tried to widen their lead, but the Honeys were ready and waiting in the field. The leadoff batter unwisely kicked to Tia Ayers, who once again, made a fantastic catch to earn the first out of the inning. The second batter bunted directly to shortstop Montez, who threw to Captain Sam Kraft at first. But the ball bounced off of Kraft and, luckily, into the runner, who was called out. The third batter lined between second and third, and Travis Greene made a running catch to end the inning without allowing a runner on board.

Nuts and Honeys needed a miracle comeback in the bottom of the fourth in hopes of earning a win. Captain Bautista lead off with what should’ve been a single, but when running to base, she slowed down after badly pulling a muscle in her leg, and was thrown out at first. Montez followed with a bunt, but the pitcher fielded the ball quickly and threw Montez out for the second out of the inning.

Down to the final out, Doug Weyek stepped up and kept hope alive by singling to left. Brian Buller continued the rally with a single that went beyond second base. As Uno Mas continued to field the ball, Weyek sprinted beyond second and took a risk, hoping to take third. But as he was running, Weyek looked over his shoulder to see the ball coming right at him. Weyek tried to leap, but the ball clipped his foot, and the game was over: Nuts and Honeys were undefeated and in first place no more.

GAME NOTES: 18 Nuts and Honeys were eligible for the game…the entire Nuts and Honeys team were given a prescription for Prozac to prevent post-loss depression from setting in. Actually, let’s face it, I’m really the one depressed and need help. I can’t write about losing any more. This team needs to win next week so I can stop crying as I write. Please. (Sniff, sniff!)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

First Month Anniversary

Wow, the blog is officially a month old, and how we've grown in a month. Remember in high school, when you were "dating" someone and a month was a big enough anniversary to warrant flowers or some sort of gift? Well, instead of a gift, I'm giving myself a blogging grade. I'm going to critique two qualities and then give a cumulative grade:

1. Content: I'd say the content is okay. I'm still struggling at times, trying to figure out what to write, and I think it shows. There's a lot of things I've thought about writing about, but still not comfortable enough to write them. The kickball recaps are pretty big and meaty and take up a lot of time. Youtube videos can seem lazy, but they're fun. And I did have a few too many music/Rolling Stones blog items, at least in my mind. GRADE: C+

2. Quantity: This is the 23rd post, which, after a month seems pretty good, but I got off to a roaring start. Things have slowed lately, but I'd say that's because I've been damn busy lately and haven't had a lot of time to do much blogging. To be honest, I never thought I'd be able to keep up as much as I have, though, and would've tired of this after two days, but I haven't. And I kind of enjoy it. So, for the first month, I'd give me a GRADE of B.

That puts my overall GRADE at B-, not bad for my first month. Maybe now, I'll buy my blog flowers. Now, at some point, I should tell someone that I'm writing this crap...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Beat Box

A few months ago, I went to see Gnarls Barkley at the Avalon - good show. Anyway, the opener was a band called Peeping Tom, who were fronted by Mike Patton, the former lead singer of Mr. Bungle and Faith No More. Anyway, Rahzel, the Godfather of Noyze, was part of the band. If you don't know who Rahzel is, he's best known for his beat box work with the Roots. Well, he did a solo bit at the Gnarls Barkley show I saw, and I had been searching for it, and finally stumbled onto it on youtube:

Before he did his spot, the band cleared the stage, so you knew it was only Rahzel making the music. It's kind of hard to hear the "bass line" at first, but it's "Seven Nation Army." Pretty amazing.

Here's another clip from some festival he performed at:

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Skateboarding Dog

This one kind of speaks for itself:

Nuts and Honeys: Game 5 Recap



On Monday, Nuts and Honeys were looking for redemption: the disappointment of three straight losses in the Regional Tournament over the weekend took its toll on the team. To regain their swagger, N&H had to deal with the ferocious Rhino Stampede, who hoped to trample Nuts and Honeys in the jungles known as the North Hollywood Rec Center. But before any Stampede could begin, Nuts and Honeys took aim, and poached the Rhinos, in a 1-0 victory that kept N&H undefeated in the regular season and continued their stay atop the standings.

Nuts and Honeys took to the field in the first, but unlike their previous games, there were no jitters, no nerves, no tension. Clearly, after a weekend of kickball, the team was oiled and ready to go. There was a slight concern that pitcher Doug Weyek, who pitched all three games during the regional tournament, could be fighting a tired arm. Weyek quickly put those fears away, throwing heat early and often. Weyek got out of the inning with a little help from Brian Buller and Chris Nye. Buller made an impressive finger-tip catch of a pop bunt to get the first out of the inning. With runners on first and second, Nye, playing left-center, caught a pop fly for the second out of the inning. The Rhino runner on second hadn’t seen the catch and left for third. Nye quickly threw a laser to second, completing the first impressive double play of the night.

Nut Corey Wish continued his stellar work in the lead-off slot, starting off with a bunt single. Dustin Montez followed with another single, and Wish took advantage of lackadaisical fielding, advancing from first to third on the kick. But N&H weren’t able to take advantage, as Doug Weyek kicked a worm-burner to third baseman, who caught Wish slightly off-base and tagged him out. The Nuts threatened again, when, with two outs, and Montez at first, Weyek at second, Brian Buller singled to load the bases. Cheri Ota tried to push the run home, but her bunt attempt went right to the Rhino catcher, who got the force-out at home, ending the inning.

With the Honeys on the field again, Rhinos threatened to score in the second, but were stymied thanks to the continued defensive wizardry of catcher Brian Buller. With a runner on first, and only one out, the Stampede kicker popped up a bunt. Buller sprinted out from behind the plate, made his second spectacular catch of the evening. The runner at first sprinted towards second without tagging up, not realizing the catch had been made. Buller threw a bullet to Captain Sam Kraft at first to complete the double play and end the inning. Buller had sent a message: ‘Do not bunt on me!’ The Stampede got the message loud and clear, as they didn’t bunt for the rest of the game.

The Nuts came to the plate in the second, and Chris Nye got the party started with a one-out single. Captain Kraft pushed him over with a perfect bunt single. Brian McCarthy stepped up and kicked a drive to left field. The Stampede left fielder made a desperate attempt to catch the ball, but missed it, allowing Nye to score from second. Kraft landed at third and McCarthy at second with a double. The Honeys would end the inning with both runners stranded in scoring position, but had taken the lead, 1-0. It was all they would need for the rest of the game.

The strong defensive play continued for N&H in the third. With runners on first and second, and one out, Tia Ayers and Brian McCarthy combined to catch a deep fly in right. Just one batter later, Weyek forced the Stampede kicker to ground to shortstop Montez, who threw to Tom Fiscella for the force at third to end the inning.

In the bottom of the third, the Nuts were, once again, in a good position to score, but couldn’t push any runners home. Michael Ching, Tom Fiscella, and Corey Wish loaded the bases on consecutive singles to start the inning. Captain Cindy Bautista kicked a grounder to the Rhino second baseman, who threw home to force Michael Ching at the plate. With the bases still loaded, the Stampede got a lucky break, as Montez kicked a blooper just inside the first base line. The Rhino first baseman grabbed the ball, stepped on first for the second out, and threw the ball at Batista to end the inning.

The Rhinos went down one-two-three in the fourth, and Nuts and Honeys couldn’t push another run home in the bottom of the fourth. With an uncomfortable 1-0 lead, the orange warriors took the field for the final frame, hoping to turn around their fortunes from the weekend in Fullerton. Nuts and Honeys got two quick outs, but the dangerous Stampede second baseman stepped up to the plate, hoping to spark a last second rally. As he kicked a grounder to Montez, the second baseman tripped and fell to the ground. Montez cautiously carried the ball over and tagged the fallen runner for the final out of the game.

Their record now at 4-0-1, the orange warriors have steadied themselves. But with 3rd place Uno Mas on deck and a target on their back, Nuts and Honeys continue their toughest stretch of the season. “We have to bring our rock solid defense that we’ve been using,” Captain Kraft said, “and step up our offense.”

GAME NOTES: 14 Nuts and Honeys were active for the game…In the regional tournament, Nuts and Honeys struggled, losing all three of their first round games. There was hope, briefly, that Nuts and Honeys could make the second round on a wild card, but the Pregnant Cheerleaders lost their game, costing N&H a shot at redemption…Despite the losses, a number of the team remained in Fullerton to drink heavily. Doug Weyek and Steve Niel also managed to get food at a Carl’s Jr. Drive Through despite their lack of a car…At practice on Wednesday night, Cheri Ota suffered an ankle injury and is day-to-day.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rolling Stone 500

Rolling Stone recently published their "500 Greatest Albums" list...again. They do this every 5-10 years, and it's a silly list as there's little change from the previous list. The good thing is, though, that it introduces people to albums that they've never listened to. Of course, the list is totally arbitrary, but I had some issues, mainly that some of these albums should be higher on the list:

151. Darkness on the Edge of Town, Bruce Springsteen: At #151, this is high, but not high enough. Maybe the people who made the list feel it's more like 'Born To Run 2,' but, in some ways, I feel it's better than 'Born To Run.' I think this should be in the top 100, easily, if only for 'Racing in The Street.'

162. Ok Computer, Radiohead: Wrong! This should be in the top 30, maybe even top 20. Easily the best album of the last 10 years. Wow, it's almost 10 years old, that's insane.

254. Whitney Houston, Whitney Houston: While Whitney Houston was a talented singer, this album does not belong here. I mean, my sister owned this album when she was six-years-old, and any album a six-year-old owns does not belong on this list.

316. Rock Steady, No Doubt: 'Rock Steady,' isn't bad, but it's just not that good. Does it really deserve to be this high on the list? No way. This is candy - sweet going down, but it won't last for long. I'm guessing this will be much lower on the list the next time they make one.

379. Greetings from Asbury Park, Bruce Springsteen: Yeah, another album by Bruce is too low. Maybe because I listened to this as a break up album, or the childhood memories of my dad playing it in the car, but I just love this album. Should be higher than Whitney Houston's crap at least.

403. Radio City, Big Star/438. #1 Record, Big Star: I put these two together, mainly because they sell them together now. Big Star is one of the most underrated bands ever, period. This should be in the top 250.

437. All Things Must Pass, George Harrison: Wow, I can't believe this is so low on the list. Yeah, it could use a little bit of an edit, but this is probably the strongest solo effort by a Beatle. Yeah, better than 'Imagine' and 'Plastic Ono Band,' which are both much higher on the list.

443. Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963, Sam Cooke: No complaints here. This is a phenomenal live album, and if they were to do a 'Best Live Albums' list, this would be up there with the Who's 'Live at Leeds.' Just listen to his medley of 'It's All Right/For Sentimental Reasons,' and if you don't get the chills listening to him pull the audience into it, then you have no soul.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Nuts and Honeys: Game 4 Recap



NORTH HOLLYWOOD – When faced with a challenge from the scurvy-ridden pirates of Blackbeard’s Ball Busters, the sailors on the USS Nuts & Honeys looked somewhat seasick. But with some motivation from their Captain, Nuts & Honeys turned their ship around, straight into battle, and sunk the Ball Busters handily, 13-3, forcing Blackbeard to walk the plank, dropping them down to Davy Jones’ locker.

Nuts and Honeys got off to a strong start for the second week in a row. New Kid on the Block Corey Wish was “Hanging Tough,” as he legged out a leadoff single. Cheri Ota pushed the speedy third basemen over on a fielder’s choice to first base. Dustin Montez followed with a single, moving Wish to third. Clean-up kicker Doug Weyek kicked a long single, scoring Wish for the first run of the game. Travis Greene continued the barrage with another single, moving Weyek to second and Montez to third. But the rally was short lived as Captain Sam Kraft hit a laser to the third basemen, who made a spectacular catch, and doubled up Montez, who was heading for home on the play.

But the 1-0 lead was short lived for Nuts and Honeys, who took the field behind pitcher Doug Weyek. But instead of a confident, relaxed team, these Nuts looked uptight in the field, allowing Blackbeard to score two easy runs. The uneasiness continued into the top of the second, as the Honeys seemed to be pressing too hard and failed to score, leaving the game at 2-1 after an inning and a half.

Sensing a building tension that could build up in these Balls, Captain Kraft pulled the team together before taking the field again, and reminded them to have fun and relax. With a new attitude in the field, Chris Roach settled the team down, pitching an easy, scoreless second inning.

If the top of the second was an indication that these Nuts were in calmer waters, then the top of the third would prove that they were in for some smooth sailing. The Nuts began the inning with back-to-back-to-back singles by Chris Roach, Tod Purvis, and Eric Staskiel. With the bases loaded, Michael Ching popped out deep to the outfield. In a heads-up play, Roach tagged up from third to score the tying run of the game, and more importantly, gave these Nuts a shot of well-needed energy.

Corey Wish stepped up with two outs in the inning, Karen Agnes on first, and Staskiel on second. Wish launched the ball deep into left field for a double, scoring Staskiel. The two-out rally continued as Cheri Ota, Dustin Montez, Doug Weyek, Travis Greene, and Cap’n Kraft all singled in consecutive at-bats, and, in the process, drove in five more runs, bringing the score to 7-2.

In the bottom of the third, Blackbeard gained ground on the Honeys, scoring a run, but what was more damaging to N&H was the injury sustained by relief pitcher Chris Roach. When a Ball Buster kicked a pop fly in-between first base and home plate, Roach sprinted to make the play, but the ball curved towards the foul line and clipped Roach’s index finger. As the finger dangled like a dead-flower, it was apparent that the injury was severe, and Roach was taken out of the game, replaced by starter/closer Doug Weyek. After further examination, Roach was diagnosed with torn extensor tendon and has been placed in a long-term splint, landing Roach on the defensive DL for at least six weeks, but will remain on the team as a Designated Kicker. This is just the latest injury in a series that could have a long-term affect on Nuts and Honeys.

Despite the injury to Roach, the team continued their onslaught. To start the fourth, Steve Niel dropped a bunt down towards third base. As Niel sprinted to first, the Ball Buster pitcher grabbed the bunt and threw at the runner. But Niel, with cat-like reflexes, sensed the throw, leaped into the air, and stomped onto first as the ball skipped wildly past the first baseman. Chris Nye followed with a single, advancing Niel to second. Tia Ayers pushed both runners into scoring position on a perfect sacrifice bunt. When Matt Taylor then kicked a grounder, Niel took off from third and bravely slid safely into home. With one out, Chris Nye tagged up on Brian McCarthy’s sacrifice fly to score the ninth run of the game for Nuts and Honeys.

While Blackbeard was held scoreless for the bottom of the fourth, Nuts and Honeys continued to pile on atop the fifth. Eric Staskiel walked to lead off the fifth, and Michael Ching followed with a single, but when the Ball Buster’s fielder’s held onto the ball too long, Staskiel jumped from second to third base. With two outs, Cheri Ota stepped up singled Staskiel home. Dustin Montez followed up with his third single of the game, scoring Ching. Weyek, not to be outdone by Montez, singled for his third time of the game, bringing both Ota and Montez home for the 12th and 13th runs of the game.

Blackbeard made a last attempt to comeback in the final frame, but could only manage a single, as Weyek blanked the Ball Busters for the second consecutive inning. Now at 3-0-1, Nuts and Honeys remain atop the standings for another week, but face Rhino Stampede next week in a battle for first place.

GAME NOTES: 17 Nuts and Honeys were active for the game…Captain Cindy Bautista sat out the game due to a leg injury. Get well soon, Cap’n…Cheri Ota once again continued her Gold Glove fielding in left, making a spectacular catch to rob one hitter of a sure hit in the third. In the fourth, a ball dropped in the no-man’s land between third-basemen Corey Wish and Cheri Ota. As a runner tried to advance from second to third, Ota pegged the runner with the ball before he could reach third…In the fourth inning, the Ball Busters had a man on first and two outs. The kicker drove a ball towards Nuts and Honeys second baseman Brian McCarthy. As the runner advanced from first to second, the ball knocked into him, giving N&H a very easy out. Thanks for the help, kicker…This fine recap apologizes to Chris Nye for not giving him an RKI last week that he totally deserved. Sorry, Chris…The “Beach Patrol” team continues to be victims of the “Curse of Kickball,” with three of the six “Beach Patrol”-ers (Scott Miller, Gwen Mesco, and now, Chris Roach) are out due to injuries. Those who pray before bedtime, please pray that Captain Sam Kraft, Tia Ayers, and Brian McCarthy remain healthy. Otherwise, their EP, Sue Seide, might kill all of them…For the second week in a row, the game time was delayed due to the length of the earlier game…In a furious battle of Flip Cup, the Valley Girls squeaked out a 5-4 victory against Nuts and Honeys. In the individual matches against Valley Girls, Dustin Montez lost to Lorenzo, but Captain Cindy Bautista beat the shit out of Kelly. She might be too hurt to kick, but she can still flip with the best of them…Nuts and Honeys will be playing in the Western Regional Championship in Anaheim this Saturday, October 14. Rock on, Nuts & Honeys!!

Jeter Vs. Jedi

It's been a bad week for Yankees fans: loss to the Tigers, Joe Torre Drama, and, of course, the death of Corey Lidle. So, I was searching around for some Yankees clips to remind me of better days, but instead, I found this clip. I've never seen the ESPY's before, so I found it amusing:

A-Rod might want to hook up with Mace Windu before Spring Training starts.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dark Side of the Moon

Roger Waters played the Hollywood Bowl over the weekend, and I went with Patry, who has already reviewed the show. But I figured I'd add my two cents in about the show.

First, let me talk a little about the backdrop. As everyone arrived, the screen was a static shot of what appeared to be an old radio from the '50's. About ten minutes before the show, suddenly, a hand appeared in the shot and changed the channel to Elvis' "Hound Dog." The crowd went nuts. It became an interactive part of the show as the hand would come in, grab a drink, place a cigarette in an ashtray, or change the channel. This would add a little extra in the show later on.

Here's the setlist with my thoughts:

In the Flesh - "So ya', thought ya', might like to go to the show." Great opener. It was at the end of the song when we found out that the speakers behind us were the SFX speakers, as the sound of jet planes and bombs dropping scared the crap out of us.

Mother - When Waters sang "Mother should I trust the government," he shook his head no and mouthed something to the affect of "No way." Amusing.

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun - Wow, surprised he pulled out a Syd Barrett-era tune.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I - V) (abridged) - Continuing on the Syd Barrett train, Waters turned this into a tribute to the former lead singer of the band, who died earlier this year. Tons of photos of Syd on the backdrop throughout the song.

Have a Cigar - Sadly, there was an audio issue, so the first line and a half of the song was lost. But it sounded great. What I love about the album track is that as the song crescendos and David Gilmour solos, it goes into that compressed-radio-like sound. Well, amazingly, they somehow re-created that, so the band playing suddenly goes into that radio sound. At the same time, the hand appeared on the backdrop and changed channels on the radio leading into the chatter that begins...

Wish You Were Here - The lighters and cell phones were out here for this one.

Southampton Dock
The Fletcher Memorial Home
Perfect Sense, Parts 1 and 2

I'm bunching these three together because I used them for bathroom break #1. Two of the songs are from Floyd's "The Final Cut" and one is from Waters' "Amused to Death," neither which I know very well. I had a number of beers, and, well, I figured I'd better go before Dark Side.

Leaving Beirut - This is Waters' new material that is anti-Bush, anti-war. Cool animation on the backdrop with the lyrics, but a bit too preachy and it doesn't hold up against his other material.

Sheep - This might be the highlight of the night. Patry talks about it in his review a bit - the flying pig and the vocal-becoming-synthesizer/guitar thing. It just kind of kicked ass. No other way to put it

INTERMISSION - Bathroom Break #2 - I really had to pee again, but this time, I was fighting against everyone else. Getting to the bathroom was one of the scariest things I've ever experienced, as I felt like at any point a massive riot/stampede could break out. It was really unsafe. I also had to pee real badly, so that didn't help matters, but eventually, I made it. On a side note, I didn't see anyone using the sink as a urinal. Bonus points for Hollywood Bowl concertgoers.

Speak to Me/Breathe
On the Run
The Great Gig in the Sky
Us and Them
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage

Okay, I can't stop at any one song - it was all of Darkness, as promised. It was awesome. They recreated the album perfectly - including the woman who belted out "Great Gig." Once again, the speakers behind us came into play a ton, as the ticking clocks, crazy person gibberish, and money dropping burst out suddenly. My only complaint was that it felt like it flew by.


The Happiest Days of Our Lives
Another Brick in the Wall, Part II - The entire crowd got on their feet for this. Yeah, we've all heard it a million times, but it was damn good.

Bring the Boys Back Home - This could've ended the show and I would've been pleased as punch. "Bring the Boys" has a bit more power behind it these days. The visual fireworks that went with it were pretty spectacular. It was a more bombastic song live than I could've imagined, and that's a good thing. Oh yeah, Vera was kind of great too.

Comfortably Numb - While I wasn't a huge fan of "Numb" before, I think I've become one now. I've always felt like "Numb" and "Run Like Hell" are a bit overrated, but after seeing it live, "Numb" has grown on me.

After sitting and thinking about this show for a few days, I can't stop thinking about it and listening to Floyd. Waters put on a hell of a show and I hope he comes around again soon.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Kickin' Music

One of the fun things about being on the kickball team is that one of my teammates brings a radio and everyone has their "theme" music for their at-bat, much as baseball players have music when they walk up to bat. So here's what I decided to go with for the first few games:

powered by ODEO

Yeah, another Stones/Sticky Fingers tune (yes, I like that album), but there's something about that opening riff that's really bad-ass. No matter what you're doing, the song makes you feel like you're in a Scorsese film - maybe except for "Kundun."

I've debated changing music, but the only good alternative I've thought of is "Can I Kick It?" by A Tribe Called Quest. While it works on the "kick" theme, I don't think it beats out "Can't You Hear Me Knocking?" as a kickass tune. And with "Knocking" as my "theme," I've gone 2 for 3 with a run scored. So until I slump, I guess I'll keep it the same.

October Depression

A week ago, I was feeling confident about the Yankees' in the playoffs, maybe even a little cocky. Well, yesterday, the Tigers spanked the Yanks for the third game in a row and eliminated the Bronx Bombers way too easily.

For Yankee fans, this was, again, supposed to be the year that they won the World Series: the offense was amazing, the pitching was good, and the bullpen was better than it had been in a number of years. Plus, since the Red Sox had been eliminated in September, there wasn't a major, intense battle to win the AL East.

But now, with the loss to the Tigers brings a lot of uncertainty: will A-Rod be traded? (He shouldn't be - he's way too good of a player) Will Joe Torre be fired? (Once again, he shouldn't be. He's practically the Mayor of New York. As much as I used to love Lou Piniella, we don't need a return to the 1980's Yanks) Will they get better pitching? (I hope so because Jaret Wright obviously isn't the answer)

And with that uncertainty comes the reality that baseball moves on without the Yankees. Now, I must sit and watch the rest of the playoffs as a baseball fan, just praying that Steinbrenner doesn't make too many rash moves and lets Brian Cashman continue to do his job.

To add salt to the wound, I went to the Dodgers/Mets game last night.

(Photo Courtesy of Bill)

I grew up rooting for the Yanks, and hating the Mets. So with the Yankees out, I was pulling for the Dodgers. The crowd was trying their best to will the team to victory (and a number of near-fights happened in our section), but it was not to be. The Mets beat up on the Dodgers to sweep the series. Now I have to hear from Heather and Bill about how great the Mets are. Ugh.

Now I have to re-focus onto football and pray that the New York Giants turn their season around today and beat the crap out of the Redskins. Otherwise, this could turn into a terrible November too.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I saw this posted at gorillamask - via cracked - and figured I'd share this silly sketch from Conan.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nuts and Honeys: Game 3 Recap



NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Out to prove that the previous week’s tie was a fluke, Nuts and Honeys promised to come roaring out of the gate with a vengeance, like a hungry lion at the Coliseum in Ancient Rome, ready to pounce on a wounded gladiator. And roar Nuts and Honeys did, as they ferociously tore Legs of Fury from their limbs in an 11-0 feast.

N&H Captains Sam Kraft and Cindy Bautista preached a “score early” mentality, and clearly the team was listening. On-Base Machine Corey Wish worked the pitcher to earn a lead off walk. Wish moved to second on Cindy Bautista’s single. With no outs, Dustin Montez worked the pitcher for a walk to load the bases. With the sacks full of Nuts and a bit ‘o Honey, clean-up kicker Doug Weyek booted a long single, scoring both Wish and Bautista. With two on and no outs, Travis Greene singled, but the Legs’ spotty fielding allowed both Montez and Weyek to score the third and fourth runs of the inning, while Greene took second.

Captain Sam Kraft continued the big inning with a single, pushing Greene to third. Nuts and Honeys were temporarily slowed when Brian Buller kicked to the shortstop of Fury, who threw Kraft out on a force at second base. With Greene waiting on third, Buller on first, and one out, Steve Niel stepped up and booted a deep single into the grass. Both Greene and Buller scored, bringing the tally to 6-0.

A quick pop out by Nut Catcher Chris Nye brought Legs of Fury within one out of bringing the big inning to an end, but not before Cheri Ota stepped to the plate and kicked a double, scoring Niel. By the time first basemen Suzanne Land grounded to the first basemen for the final out of the inning, eleven Nuts and Honeys had kicked and seven runs had scored.

The offense for the Honeys briefly went into hibernation until the fourth inning, when relief pitcher Chris Roach lead off with a single. Karen Agnes pushed Roach to second on a force out to first. Corey Wish laid down a bunt, and Roach sprinted to third. The Legs’ catcher threw to the hot corner, but their third basemen believed that it was a force out and neglected to tag Roach. Roach was safe at third, and the speedy Wish at first. Cindy Bautista kicked into a force out at first, scoring Roach and advancing Wish to second. Dustin Montez booted yet another single, driving in Wish, and giving Nuts and Honeys a 9-0 lead.

In the fifth and final frame, the Honeys began a third wave of scoring when, with one out, Captain Sam Kraft, Brian Buller, and Steve Niel singled back-to-back-to-back, scoring Kraft and leaving Buller at third. With two outs, Cheri Ota singled, driving Buller in for the 11th, and final, run of the game for Nuts and Honeys.

But it wasn’t just the offense doing the “Leg” work for Nuts and Honeys. The one-two combo of N&H pitchers Doug Weyek and Chris Roach, turned Legs of Fury into Feet of Stone, as the opposition struggled to get a runner past second base the entire game. Behind the two hurlers, the Honeys played flawless defense, with Cheri Ota earning Web Gem of the Game on her fourth inning running catch, that helped to preserve the shut out.

As Weyek easily closed the game out, Nuts and Honeys not only walked away with their easiest win of the year, they also found themselves sitting atop the standings of WAKA’S Studio Division, hoping to keep the momentum going into their next game.

GAME NOTES: 20 Nuts and Honeys were active for the game…Game time was 9pm, but due to the length of the previous game, first pitch wasn’t until 9:30pm…Weyek earns his first win of the season. Roach earned the victory in the first game, and no one wins in a tie…The Legs of Fury “mascot,” mannequin legs adorned with flames, was a target for kickers on both teams. Each time the flame legs were hit, the two boisterous fans for Legs would boo…A number of players for Legs of Fury weren’t in uniform at the start of the game, but in the third, our wonderful WAKA rep, Katie, brought shirts for those who needed it, and they all changed in the midst of the field…Nuts and Honeys have officially challenged the Valley Girls to a game of flip cup, which will take place after next week’s games…Cheri Ota told sources that she reads the “Nuts and Honeys” recaps and took umbrage at last week’s column, which stated, “no one reads this thing.” The column officially apologizes to Cheri. If anyone else reads this, I owe you an apology as well.

Monday, October 02, 2006

A Smart Jukebox

A co-worker recently introduced me to Basically, you pick an artist or a song and it builds a constantly-changing jukebox based off of that artist or song.

For example:

I put in David Bowie's "Five Years," and it came back with a note that said, "Based on what you've told us so far, we're playing this track because it features a subtle use of vocal harmony, acoustic rhythm piano, a twelve-eight time signature, mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation, and major key tonality." That's kinda cool - it's looking for songs that specifically match the song type, not just the artist or genre.

The playlist began with "Puppy Love" by Donny Osmond, followed by Better Than Ezra's "Closer." You're given a number of options: listen to the song, skip it, give it thumbs down or thumbs up. Whenever you give a thumbs up/down, the program starts to adjust the playlist to your tastes. So I gave both "Puppy Love" and "Close" a thumbs-down and those songs are now off my list.

Next up was "Left Hand Luke and the Beggar Boys" by T. Rex, which was exaclty the kind of song I was hoping to hear. Score one for Pandora. But then, Pandora lost points when Phil Collins' "Look Through My Eyes" from the soundtrack of Disney's "Brother Bear" played. Another big thumbs down and that song will never be played again.

Anyway, you get the point - pick a song or artist, and it tries to match it with songs you'd like. Yet another fun way for me to learn new music. Can't recommend it enough, despite the Phil Collins and Donny Osmond.