Thursday, November 30, 2006

Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models: Erin McCarthy

It's time for the second ever "Live From Rodney Drive Blogging Series on Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models!" The popularity of yesterday's entry had people coming by the, let's just say it was the biggest day ever at Live From Rodney Drive.

Today's entry takes a more personal turn, as my sister, cell biologist and über-nerd Erin McCarthy drops some wisdom on us about her role model, our dad, Jerry McCarthy:

As part of a family that actively avoided having to learn about science, at first glance it wouldn't seem like I was inspired to become a cell
biologist from my family....but I was. I am blessed that both Mom and
Dad were huge supporters their nerdy daughter, but I would have to say
specifically that Dad really let me see the beauty in understanding how
things work.

I remember always asking him how things actually the plumbing in the house let us shower, how our bank receives our checks, how the rocks in rivers get smooth....anything. I think a lot of the time he may have made up an answer, but I couldn't get enough....I wanted to see how these things worked first-hand. Dad would be my first checking account holder at the fake bank I set up in the basement. Dad bought each of my 3 Rock Tumblers (they were pieces of crap, but I loved them!) so I could see how rocks became smooth. The list goes on but I know Brian's memories of my experiments make me out to be more annoying than inquisitive. Fast forward to now and my drive to figure out how things work isn't any different. In thinking about how a cell lives and divides, I just think about things on a smaller scale as my dad taught me, but obviously, Dad can't help me figure it out now. Somehow none of this rubbed off on Brian....he just wanted to figure out a way to make things funny.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models: Blake Levin

So, it is time to begin the first ever "Live From Rodney Drive Blogging Series on Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models," which can be shortened to: "LFRDBS on II&RM." Nice and tidy!

First up is from TV Producer and Master of NHL '93, Blake Levin:

It might seem cliché since you know me well, but my biggest inspiration has always been Wayne Gretzky. Although he doesn’t work exactly in my industry, I have always been an admirer of his and I keep a early 90’s Gretzky poster in what ever office I’m working in to remind me.

I have patterned the way I approach projects and my career in a manner that I would hope is similar to the way he approached the game of hockey. As a hockey player, he had the perfect combination of pure natural talent and raw emotion, but what really set him apart from the rest was his intellectual approach to the game. He was always thinking one step ahead of what was happening on the ice and anticipation was the most important part of his game. I feel that to truly succeed in the world of reality television, you have to bring this approach to your work environment. We all can get far working on instinct, on that rush you get when you are shooting something great or figuring out a way to approach a script that you hadn’t seen before, but it’s the constant flash in your mind of what happens next that will allow you to truly succeed in this industry.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Inspirations, Influences, and Role Models: The Intro

This week's Entertainment Weekly is entitled "The Inspirations Issue," which is basically celebs and artists talking about the people who inspire them or were role models or influences in their careers.
As I was reading it, I thought, "No one ever asks my friends about their influences in their professional life." And then I added, "There are also no magazines about my friends." Well since I'm not a multi-millionaire who owns a publishing company, I can't make a magazine about my friends (although if I could, my magazine would be called "B" and I would be featured every month on the cover looking incredibly skinny).

So instead, I asked a number of people about their inspirations, influences, and role models. Here was the question I posed:

Who has influenced/inspired you to get to where you are?

I've gotten a number of responses and so far, they've all been incredibly different, and interesting. I'm still awaiting more, and anyone else who reads this and wants to add their influence/inspiration/role model, please send me an email.

I'll be posting each of these individually. Coming tomorrow morning: TV Producer extraordinaire, Blake Levin.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Blogging IV: The Quest For Peace

Thanksgiving is over!! All that just for one meal. Next time, we're just getting some Panda Express and serving it buffet style. So much easier.

Actually, we had a great time. Our friends Christa, Jenny, and Asa came over and we ate like kings and queens.

Here's the spread:

The ladies begin the meal:

The party:

The dessert table:

The leftovers:

The turkey was great. I enjoyed it, but was a bit worried that people weren't into it. But when Heather, who isn't much of a fan of turkey, loved it and couldn't get enough of it, and even had after everyone left and we had cleaned up. That was a sign that the turkey was a hit. The sides were seemed really good. I was a bit nervous that no one liked the food, but everyone seemed to enjoy it all.

The desserts were definitely huge - the marble cheesecake and the peanut butter eyeballs I made are favorites of Christa's, so I couldn't go wrong. Christa's apple pie, despite being a bit liquidy, was a big hit.

I have to pat us on the back for holding, what appears to be, a successful Thanksgiving meal. It was a bit of hard work, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanksgiving Day Blogging: Part 3

Preparations continue as we only have 15-20 minutes until guests arrive.

The mashed potatoes are done and Heather's making her broccoli and cheese dish:

The candles are lit:

The table is set:

And the cat is ready to eat:

Thanksgiving Day Blogging: Part 2

Well, the cleaning is just about over, and there's still some last minute shopping to be done. Overall, I think the place looks great. Here's some quick pix:

The dining room/office

The serving table

The living room

Also, Erin and I have been testing out a new Thanksgiving tradition: we've hooked up our webcams and left them on as we clean and cook. It's pretty cool - makes it feel a little more like we're hanging out today. I highly recommend it for those of you across country from the rest of your family.

Thanksgiving Day Blogging: Part 1

Okay, so I'm going to try and post a couple of times today with little updates about turkey day..

I went to sleep later than I planned, but I woke up earlier than I wanted to, but only because our neighbor, whose bedroom wall is up against ours, leaves their alarm going off every morning. This has been going on for the last two weeks or so, and usually it's fine since we need to get up for work. But today I needed the extra few minutes of sleep, and it woke us up a little bit after 8:30am. What makes it even worse is that not only are we up and cranky, but everyday, we have to listen to the alarm go off until it shuts itself off. The good news is, the alarm finally shut itself off after ringing for 40 minutes. I was not thankful for that at all.

But I'm awake now and it's time to start getting this day going. I'm off to help clean some more of the apartment, and then start working on the side dishes.

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving...

Ah, turkey day is finally here...It's just after midnight here and I've finished prep for the night. I raced through gridlock to pick up the deep fried turkey from Spring Street Smoke House . I've made three desserts: a marble cheesecake, peanut butter eyeballs, and non-dairy pudding (which isn't quite becoming pudding; I think because of the soy milk we used). Heather cleaned a most of the apartment, and Winnie, as usual, sat around and licked her crotch.

Anyway, I wanted to share an amusing memory from about 12-13 years ago. A little set up: we still lived in New Jersey, and for those who don't know, my Mom was Jewish. It was just before Thanksgiving and my Mom was at some sort of school function for me. She ran into a classmate's mother. This other mother was a big part of her church and very religious.

The woman jabbered away about her Thanksgiving plans, and then asked my Mom, "Janice, you're Jewish. What do you do for Thanksgiving?" My Mom, obviously, was taken aback by the question, but she didn't miss a beat, telling the woman, "We don't celebrate Thanksgiving. We fast and pray all day." The woman left, satisfied with her answer. Hopefully, she never found out the truth and asked another Jew about their Thanksgiving day of fasting and prayer.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Corporate Tunes

I guess MBNA and Bank of America merged and they had some sort of big meeting/pow-wow to talk about the merger. Well, some guy named Ethan Chandler, who I guess works for Bank Of America and also is a singer/songwriter of some sort and a BIG Counting Crows fan (see his website for more great info) performed a MBNA/Bank of America merger version of U2's "One." I guess this was going around on Friday, but I missed it:

Awful. If you're doing a parody, you should be doing it with a smirk, but clearly, the guy (and the audience) are taking it very seriously. This guy does NOT mess around with his U2-based songs about business mergers.

Over the weekend, David Cross was performing with Modest Mouse and did his own performance of the song:

This whole U2-butchering reminds me of a song that was passed on from, what I'll call for the sake of their innocence, an acquaintance. This person once worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers and told me that there was a corporate theme song, which he then played for me. It is amazing. Judge for yourself:

PricewaterhouseCoopers' "Your World/Our People"

powered by ODEO
I thought about the singers and session musicians who were forced to make this crap and I felt half-bad for them, but I'm guessing they got paid a ton. Based on my experiences, I imagine the execs gave them a ton of bad notes on the song like: "Can you add more whammy bar on that guitar, please?" or "We'd like an acapella section that inspires our employees to clap along!"

These are just more reasons why corporate America should never be running music labels. Oh wait, too late. I guess that explains a lot.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Itunes Randomness: The Back Seat

The other day, I was listening to some music on itunes, and The Arcade Fire’s “In the Backseat” came up on the shuffle. And I thought for a moment, “Hmm, a peanut butter cup would hit the spot right now.” Then I thought, “There’s a few songs on my itunes that share a common theme: the back seat of a car.”

Why would musicians write about back seats of cars? Maybe they all rode to gigs in their best friend’s Pinto, and simply were amazed at the amount of room they had in the back seat, right? Or, maybe it’s simply a statement about the carnal desires of horny rock stars? Or, maybe it's none of the above?

So I did some research and here’s the three songs and some thoughts:

Song #1: “The Back Seat Of My Car” by Paul McCartney

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The final track on McCartney’s second album, “Ram,” is a bit of a mini-suite: It’s slightly bombastic and a bit over-the-top with the orchestra and McCartney-wailing at the end, but I think that’s partially what appeals to me. (Criticize McCartney all you want for being a bit sugary during his solo years, but despite "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey," “Ram” is damn good album that isn't too sweet or sappy!)

We all know that McCartney has a bit of a weird history with cars and sex (please see: “Road?, Why Don’t We Do It In The”), so it’s a bit telling that McCartney appears to be re-visiting the subject. Maybe he’s telling us that he’s got a fetish for back seat sex? Should I now go back and look at every McCartney lyric and assume that he’s thinking about making love in the back seat of a car. This means you should substitute "back seat of a car" for the “end” in the line “And in the end, the love you make is equal to the love you take." Dude, that totally ruins Abbey Road!

But according to allmusic's analysis of the song, “In his autobiography, ‘Many Years from Now,’ McCartney explains that all of these car songs (which he would go on to write well into the '70s, with singles like "Helen Wheels") had their genesis in the long, random road trips he and new wife Linda McCartney used to take in the waning days of the Beatles, on which they would deliberately get themselves lost.” I guess I was wrong. Whoopsie! Paul’s reading this right now and asking, “Who’s the perv now, beeyotch?”

“Ram” is McCartney’s second solo album, so the declaration of “We believe that we can’t be wrong,” seems to be a message to the rest of the world - he and Linda are on their own and giving themselves a self-affirmation, but they’re doing it in song form, as opposed to going to a counselor of some sort.

But, according to wikipedia, John Lennon believed that, “the protagonists who sing ‘we believe that we can't be wrong’ in "The Back Seat Of My Car" were directed at himself and Ono. The former song was, in fact, intended as a message to Linda McCartney's ex-husband. Nevertheless, Lennon would respond in kind later in 1971 with the searing "How Do You Sleep?" on his Imagine album.”

On a side note, Lennon also mocked McCartney on the "Imagine" album when he placed a photo inside the cover of him grabbing a pig - a straight up parody of the cover for “Ram.” I think it’s safe to say that things between the two were bitter at the time.

Song #2: “Back Of A Car” by Big Star

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We go from McCartney to a band heavily influenced by the Beatles: the great and underrated Big Star. Originally on their 1974 album “Radio City,” you can now find "Back of a Car" on the “#1 Record/Radio City” combo CD. If you don’t have it, lie to me, because it’s way too good not to have and I’ll question your taste otherwise.

Anyway, “Back Of A Car” is a pop gem that gives what McCartney didn’t deliver: a song about someone having a naked lambada party in the back seat of their AMC Pacer. Thank you, Big Star! Just read the opening lyrics and you know what’s happening:

Sitting in the back of a car
Music so loud can’t tell a thing
Thinking bout what to say
And I can’t find the lines

On the website, they note, “Anyone who hears this is ‘there’ at a stadium Rolling Stones show with a bottle of Jack in one hand, and a bong in the other, listening to blaring Zeppelin out of distorted Jensens. For those with a drug-free past, substitute anything very exhilarating here.” Even if your idea of getting high is overdosing on Pixie Stix and Moutnain Dew at a Yanni concert, you get the picture.

On first listen, you’d think that this is a sweet love song, but reading the lyrics, it’s more about a relationship on the ropes; a couple who probably shouldn’t have done what they just did. These two should be basking in the afterglow, but there’s some sort of tension between the protagonist and their lover. It appears that they’re in a rough spot and trying to figure out what their relationship is and if they should stay together:

You know I love you a lot
I just don’t know should I not?
Waiting for a brighter day
And I can’t find a way

I'll go on and on with you
Like to fall and lie with you
I love you too

Baby I’m too afraid
I just don’t know if its okay
Trying to get away
From everything

Why don’t you take me home
It’s gone too far inside this car
I know Ill feel a whole lot more
When I get alone.

What’s also interesting to me is that the song could be either a back-and-forth between the couple or just purely from the woman’s perspective.

Wow, I’ve never been so bummed after two fake people had fake sex in a car.

Song #3: "In The Backseat” by The Arcade Fire

powered by ODEO
But leave it to “The Arcade Fire” to take sexuality out of the backseat entirely and make a beautiful and haunting song about people dying. I guess between 1971 and 2004, a lot of things happened.

So The Arcade Fire were the darlings of the music world two years ago when “Funeral” came out, but I half-ignored it for about a year, and even then, I didn’t really get into it until a few months ago. Silly me for ignoring "Funeral" – it’s pretty damn good.

“In the Backseat” is the album closer, and, it’s a bit of a comedown from the rest of the album, kind of a like a nice glass of Grand Marnier after one hell of a meal and dessert. In their review of the album, allmusic says that the protagonist “dissects her love of riding ‘In the Backseat’ with the radio on, despite her desperate fear of driving.” I think that’s safe to say, but there’s a bit more to it. She sings:

I like the peace
in the backseat,
I don't have to drive,
I don't have to speak,
I can watch the country side,
and I can fall asleep.

Despite taking lead vocals on the track, it’s obvious, that someone (the lead singer on this song) is not a leader. She’s much like Buster Bluth, who learned to blend into the background of any situation from the Milford Academy, the school that excels in teaching kids to be neither seen, nor heard.

My family tree's
losing all its leaves,
crashing towards the driver's seat,
the lightning bolt made enough heat
to melt the street beneath your feet.

Alice died
in the night,
I've been learning to drive.
My whole life,
I've been learning.

On an album named “Funeral,” you expect to get some talk of death, and the Arcade Fire certainly does oblige here. Taken literally, I guess our narrator doesn’t have pleasant memories of driving since she’s killed Alice when she learned to drive. It's probably a bit deeper than that, but I just don't have the energy to try to analyze this any further.

But, I do have advice for any budding/aspiring rock stars: If you're writing about cars, you should stick to sexual themes when writing about the back seat because it's got much more potential to be uplifting, although that appears to have it’s problems as well. (See: “Star, Big”)

Maybe just stay away from the backseat altogether and sing about your 22" rims. I like it when they spin.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Magic of Editing

This guy's got a bunch of videos on youtube. This is pretty damn cool:

Nuts and Honeys: First Round of Playoffs Recap


Captain Sam Kraft’s game-saving catch

Under the lights at the North Hollywood Rec Center on Monday Night, the Pregnant Cheerleaders were hoping to “Rah-rah-sis-boom-bah” their way past Nuts and Honeys and into the second round of the playoffs. But Nuts and Honeys were ready and armed with the “morning after” pill, as well as an intensity and fire that reminded many of the high school football star who accidentally forgot to “pull out” and impregnated those Cheerleaders. As the two teams waged a war of kickball against one another, it appeared that the battle would continue long into the next day. But Nuts and Honeys ended the night earlier than expected as they scrapped and scraped their way to their most important victory of the season, beating the Pregnant Cheerleaders 4-3, and advancing to the quarterfinals of the playoffs.

In the top of the first, with the aid of a wild strike zone and some questionable calls, the Preggos were able to strike early, scoring two quick runs. But huge catches by Chris Nye, Captain Sam Kraft, and Dustin Montez ended the inning and prevented a flood of runs from coming in and holding the score at 2-0.

To lead off the bottom of the first, Nuts and Honeys sparkplug Corey Wish continued his stellar play when he bunted his way onto first. Dustin Montez took advantage of the small strike zone and walked, and Doug Weyek followed with a single to load the bases. With only one out, Steve Niel kicked a single to drive in the first run of the game, cutting the Preggos’ lead in half, 2-1.

But controversy surrounded Brian Buller when he kicked a blooper that landed just inside fair territory at third base and bounced wildly into the outfield, scoring what appeared to be the tying run. But the Cheerleaders protested, claiming that the ball had popped on the kick, making it a dead play. The umps agreed, erasing the second run, forcing the runner to return to third and Buller to re-kick. Frustratingly, on the next pitch, Buller fouled out, and it appeared that Nuts and Honeys were affected by the call. But Captain Sam Kraft re-focused the team with a single, driving Montez home to tie the game at 2-2.

The teams remained deadlocked through the third, but in the top of the fourth, the Preggos broke the tie when they scored their third run of the game. Once again, it appeared they might break the game wide open, but huge catches by Montez and Kraft, slowed the momentum, and a huge play by Brian Buller, who fielded a bunt and threw to first, ended any chances for the Cheerleaders to score.

In the bottom of the fourth, Nuts and Honeys struck back. Steve Niel lead off with his second single of the night to begin the rally. Brian Buller pushed Niel over to second with a single, and as the Preggos were slow to field the ball, Niel sprinted to third and Buller swiped second. Captain Kraft bunted for a single, loading the bases and re-energizing the squad.

Brian McCarthy then booted a mile-high pop up between first and second, but the Preggos’ fielder wasn’t able to make the catch, allowing Niel to score the tying run, and McCarthy to reach first safely. Due to the dropped ball, Kraft was tagged heading to second for the first out of the inning. With runners on first and third, Travis Greene kept the rally alive with an infield single. After Captain Cindy Bautista popped out for the second out of the inning, Chris Nye stepped to the plate with the bases loaded. Nye had preached patience to his teammates all night, and, at the most important time of the game, was able to demonstrate that patience, earning a clutch walk to push the lead run home, giving Nuts and Honeys a 4-3 lead.

With the slimmest of leads, Nuts and Honeys took to the field for the fifth, hoping for an easy 1-2-3 inning. But the Preggos weren’t giving up that quickly and put the pressure on when their first two kickers of the inning got on base. With no outs, the Nuts and Honeys defense dug in as they had all season. Travis Greene made a running grab near second to earn the first out of the inning. Second baseman Eric Staskiel smoothly fielded a grounder and threw to Kraft at first for the second out of the inning.

With the runners now at second and third and two outs, the Preggos needed a single to tie the game and keep their season alive. Their next kicker knocked a bloop that was driving past first base and appeared as if it would fall into fair territory, just between right fielder Tia Ayers and first baseman Kraft. But Kraft sprinted into the outfield with her back to the ball. As the ball sailed into the grass, Kraft turned her gaze skyward and watched the ball return to the earth. She extended her arms and grabbed the ball, making, what some would call a Willie Mays-like catch. “The Catch,” as it is now known in North Hollywood circles, ended the game, closed the door on the season for the Pregnant Cheerleaders, and allowed Nuts and Honeys to live to play another day.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


The other day, Sony released the Spider-Man 3 trailer, and it's pretty kick-ass, but there was no image of Venom in the trailer. Over the summer, at Comic-Con, they showed a rough version of the trailer and it had a shot of Venom in it. Well, it's now on youtube and looks really cool:

I cannot wait until May 4th!

UPDATE: Sony's made youtube take down the video. But you can still find it here, or here.

Awful Video Alert!: The 1986 Dallas Cowboys Christmas Special

I was searching around youtube for that fantastic video of the irate Dallas Cowboys fan that spread around last week, but instead, I stumbled onto the 4-part trainwreck known as "The Dallas Cowboys Christmas '86." As a Giants fan, I hate the Cowboys, so this was a fantastic find. It might take the title of "Worst Christmas Program" away from "Star Wars Holiday Special," and that's saying a lot.

There's four parts - I was able to make it through part 1 entirely, but the other three get worse and worse - it's pure torture. Each chapter is some sort of music video, and the first two have nothing to do with Christmas.

If you watch, you'll see:
-Herschel Walker rap and turns into a cartoon superman that doesn't fly
-Air guitar and air drumming. That's right, air drumming. Lots of it.
-Roger Staubach singing
-Tom Landry rapping

I do want to warn you: these videos will make you hate Christmas as much as you hate the Cowboys.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

I sent these off to - we'll see if they post them.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Cat vs. Dinner Update

Nearly 30 minutes after Winnie settled down on my leg, she finally meandered off my leg to go eat some food and lick her crotch. The timing couldn't have been any better as my foot began to fall asleep. Now it's time to eat some food!!

Dinner wins!!!

Cat vs. Dinner

There's a major debate going on in my head right now - let me set the scene:

I'm on the couch, listening to some music, checking my email. Our cat, Winnie, not known to be a lap cat, leaps onto the couch, makes her way onto my lap, and settles down on my right leg, resting. This is a very rare thing.

Imagine this, but on my leg:

Here's the catch: I'm hungry. I need to eat dinner.

Who wins out?

Right now, it's the cat, because she put her head down to sleep and she just looks too damn cute. Also, this will make Heather jealous that I'm getting attention from the cat.

If only I had a camera on me right now...or a remote control within reach to switch stations on my Sirius radio because I'm not a real big 10,000 Maniacs fan. Oh, the song ended and it's old-school R.E.M. Nevermind.

I guess I won't be moving any time soon.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I've kept this blog a secret since day one. But today, my privacy was compromised. My secret was no more. I was blog-outted!!!

I was at my desk, eating lunch, and editing my post on Thanksgiving when Gwen walked by and spotted me writing on She said, "Are you blogging?" I replied, "No I'm not...well maybe." Gwen, along with Patry), were both pushing for me to do this shit. So when she spotted it, she became very excited, and clearly proud that the peer pressure had gotten to me.

I thought I had covered up my screen well enough so she couldn't see, but apparently, she saw the title of the blog, then, spread the word to Afsheen who then searched and found it. I asked Gwen not to read until I told Heather. My guess is that both of them have already read it due to impatience.

This is not the way I planned my blog-outting. I was warming up to the idea of telling people, going slowly, explaining that, "Yes, I blog." It's not easy, people. If I were a motivated person, I'd take the "People" magazine cover with Lance Bass that says "Yes, I'm Gay," and photoshop it with a picture of myself and the caption, "Yes, I blog!"

So for those of you reading...welcome. And for those of you snooping around my desk...STAY AWAY!!!

PS: Gwen and Afsheen, you're both on notice!!!!

Nuts and Honeys: Game 8 Recap


Captain Sam Kraft says, "You stay classy, Studio league!"

NORTH HOLLYWOOD – After two heartbreaking losses, Nuts and Honeys came to their final regular season game with one goal in mind: finish the season strong and storm into the playoffs. But the Mean Girls and Boys Next Door were looking to take advantage of the Honeys’ recent losing streak and jump in the standings for the playoffs. With so much on the line for both teams, it was quite a surprise when Nuts and Honeys bullied the Mean Girls and Boys into submission and then sent them home for dinner, winning 10-0, clinching the 4th seed in the playoffs and sending a message to the rest of the league: We’re back!

In the top of the first, Corey Wish led off with a single, and Tia Ayers pushed Wish over to second with another single. When Dustin Montez singled again, the speedy Wish sprinted from second to home to score the first run of the game. Doug Weyek booted a single deep into the outfield, pushing both Ayers and Montez home for a 3-0 lead.

Brian “Bullet” Buller kept the rally going, kicking the fifth consecutive single of the inning. Travis Greene put a-hurtin’ on when he kicked a bases-clearing triple, bringing the score to 5-0. With first base open, the Mean Girls walked Steve Niel. Brian McCarthy drove in the final two runs of the first inning when he kicked a towering pop up that the fielders couldn’t handle. Greene and Niel took advantage of the gaffe and scored on the play. With a 7-0 lead, Nuts and Honeys were clearly in control.

The scoring continued for Nuts and Honeys in the second, when Tom Fiscella led off with a single. Fiscella went to second on Gwen Mesco’s first kick of the season. In the controversial play of the night, Cheri Ota kicked into the infield. As they threw to get the force at second, Mesco unintentionally ran over the rover who fielded the ball, knocking her to the ground. Fiscella took advantage, running all the way home, scoring the 8th run of the night. Mesco was apologetic for knocking over the helpless fielder, but has now earned a reputation for being violent, and quite possibly, a threat to the physical well-being of all teams out there.

In the third, Corey Wish singled and moved to second on Dustin Montez’s single. Doug Weyek kicked a grounder to the rover, who forced out Montez at second. Wish took advantage once again and scored for the second time of the night, giving N&H a 9-0 lead.

Nuts and Honeys continued their offensive show in the fifth, as Chris Nye led off with a single. Captain Sam Kraft singled and drove Nye to second. Tom Fiscella kicked his second single of the night and drove in Nye for the 10th and final run of the night.

But it wasn’t all offense for Nuts and Honeys. Weyek and Nye pitched a dominant shutout and had help from a defensive front that was stellar, including great plays from Tia Ayers, who made a huge catch to preserve the shutout in the fifth, Dustin Montez, who made a huge double play in the fourth, and Tom Fiscella, who, in the third tipped a screaming line drive into the air, and bobbled the ball until finally, he was able to control it and catch it.

It was the first time in weeks that Nuts and Honeys looked strong both offensively and defensively. But in order to continue their season, N&H will have to double that effort against the dangerous Pregnant Cheerleader’s squad in the first round of the playoffs. “The Pregnant Cheerleaders may be dangerous,” Captain Sam Kraft noted, continuing confidently, “but we have our Cadence, and the best defense in the league. Bring it on!”

GAME NOTES: 17 Nuts and Honeys were active for the game…The 10 runs scored were more than Nuts and Honeys had scored in the last three games combined…Captain Cindy Bautista was able to kick, but due to her finger injury, will not be in the field for the rest of the season. Both she and Chris Roach will be designated kickers for the remainder of the playoffs...And one last note for the regular season: Dustin Montez would like to say, in honor of Steve Niel, “Shakalaka Mutha Fucka!”

Thanksgiving Prep

I found out last night that Heather and I are having people over for Thanksgiving. This will be the first time that I'm co-hosting and responsible for a Thanksgiving meal. There's a number of things I'm already planning in my head and need to solve soon:

1. The guests: We've got a few people coming over, but have to figure out a final head count for food prep. I don't know how big we can go because we have a small apartment and not a ton of furniture. CONCLUSION: This requires much thought and discussion.

2. The turkey: I've never cooked a turkey before, but more than willing to learn how to. But Heather brought up a good idea: we'll get a deep fried turkey. We've bought a deep fried turkey at my dad's house at Christmas and Thanksgiving, and they're delicious. Since they're deep fried, they're also incredibly easy - you just have to heat it up. CONCLUSION: This sounds both delicious and convenient.

3. The side dishes: This is where the guests can help out, so I'm not as worried, but, I do make a mean bowl of dirty mashed potatoes. Heather will probably make a broccoli/cheese dish. We'll have to get some sort of rolls, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. But beyond that, I'm a bit stumped. We have to be prepped for all types of appetites and dietary concerns. A salad? A soup? I'm not really sure. CONCLUSION: This is where we'll need some help.

4. Desert: My specialty! Usually, Heather and I spend Thanksgiving with our good friend Christa, and it's my duty to make a marble cheesecake, as well as peanut butter eyeballs. I'll have to add to that list: pumpkin pie, apple pie, and probably some ice cream. CONCLUSION: We'll start baking a couple of days early and maybe even buy some of these already made.

5. Entertainment: We're fine with that - music, movies, football, board games, booze. Actually, we could have a Boggle tournament...or a Yahtzee tournament...or a Cranium-off. CONCLUSION: Let's get ready to BOGGLE!!!

6. Cleaning: Ummm...yeah.

There's a lot of pressure to make this Thanksgiving good - hopefully, with a lot of booze, they won't notice our rookie mistakes.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nuts and Honeys: Game 7 Recap

Normally, yours truly, Brian “McNutCaster” McCarthy would write up some sort of witty recap here about “Nuts and Honeys.” But due to our two straight losses, I’ve checked myself into a mental facility to treat my acute depression, and I won’t be able to write a recap of our loss to Valley Girls, 5-0. I’m so despondent that I’ve cried for a week straight – my longest stretch of sadness since the first time I saw “Titanic” in the theaters. But, I was able to ask a journalist friend of mine to step in and do a write up, so here, to help me out, straight from Kuzcek, Kazakhstahn, is BORAT SAGDIYEV.

Jageshemesh! I am Borat! In America, there is game called ‘kickball’ that is very similar to Kazakh game ‘kickdog,’ only in America they kick ball, not dog. Very strange! I went to game in North Hollywood, California.

In game, I see two teams. The team who did not kick ball enough was Honey Nuts, which in Kazakhstan means ‘a man’s testes satchel.’ The other team who kick ball more was Girl Valley, which in Kazakhstan means ‘a woman’s Vazhïn.’ I would like to make sexy time with Girl Valley. NICE!

In game, they make womens play next to big strong mens. In my country, if men allow women to play in game, they must play naked. But in ‘kickball,’ women make plays with pants and shirt on. There is much less sexy time and liquid explosion on field in American game.

Also, when people go to kick ball, they play songs, but I no hear favorite song of Corkey Buchek, “Bing Bong.” It is #1 hit in Kazakhstan.

Part of game is that when ball is kicked, the people in field catch ball. This similar to another Kazakh game where we throw gypsies and must try to catch before they hit ground. I like you, do you like me?

At end of game, Womans Vazhïn beat Man’s Testes Satchel, 5 kicks to 0 kicks. I want Man’s Testes Satchel to win because they nice. Also because Woman’s Vazhïn remind me of my ex-wife. She dead now. HIGH FIVE!! She was borrrring!

At end of game, there was no sacrifice of goat. Why not?