Monday, January 01, 2007

2007: A Rocky Year So Far

Happy New Year everyone!

So far, the best way to describe the year is like a roller coaster. Sure it's only been 14-plus hours so far, but it looks like a crazy year is in store. And instead of doing a "2006: Year in Review," I'm starting a "2007: Highlights of the Year (As We Go Along)," a trend that will probably be stolen and copied by every media outlet and blog for years to come:

High Point of 2007:
After the ball dropped, we played a late night game of Cranium at Blake's New Year's Eve Party. Heather and I teamed up, and in a shocker, came from behind to beat the strong pairing of Annie and Blake. What makes this win so big is that Heather and I are usually a terrible team and usually lose very badly. I assume that this will remain the high point for the rest of the year.

Scariest Moment of 2007:
We were awoken at 8am this morning by a thunderous roar that not only shook our apartment, but set off every car alarm in the neighborhood. It was clearly a military jet flying very low. The worst-case-scenario thoughts started going through my head immediately: "Holy shit! We're under attack," or "A plane is being escorted by the military because of a terrorist attack." I turned on the TV to see if there was any major breaking news story. I flipped around and landed on local coverage of the Tournament of Roses Parade, which cut to a shot of a stealth bomber flanked by two other jets. Well, since we're only a few miles from Pasadena, that explained the whole thing and settled me down. But let this be a warning to the Tournament of Roses Parade: if the planes fly low near our apartment again next year, you might hear some more complaining and whining from me, and I know you don't want that.

Worst Moment of 2007:
After getting out of bed later in the morning, I felt a twinge in my back, but that twinge quickly magnified as my back seized up on me. I dropped to the floor in excruciating pain and laid on my back for a few minutes as I tried to catch my breath. I gradually made my way to the couch and struggled to down some back pills leftover from the last time my back seized up on me. Heather gave me the heating pad and I've been sitting on the couch, as still as possible since then. At least typing doesn't hurt too much.


DopeDaddy said...

Hope your back is feeling better, dude. That's no good.

My high point in welcoming in 2007 was watching the Dick Clark/Ryan Seacreast show and hoping that Fergie didn't piss herself, and that Meatloaf didn't die. Good times.

Love the Cranium, although I'm in the middle of a Cranium catastrophie, in that my Cranium clay had hardened up. Perhaps it's time to replace it with some Play Doh?

Brian said...

The back, thankfully, is much better. Still a little tight, but no pain.

I did enjoy seeing the Seacrest/Aguilera awkward kiss. Thanks for the heads up on that one.

The same thing happened to Erin's Cranium clay. Until you replace it, you'll have to skip all Sculptorades. Bummer.