Friday, January 05, 2007

The First Los Angeles Trip: 10 Years Later (Intro)

There's a very big anniversary for me tomorrow: the 10th anniversary of the first cross-country trip I took to Los Angeles.

For those who don't know, Ithaca College has a program for students in the Communication School to study a semester in Los Angeles. In either your junior or senior year, you can spend a semester (or summer) in LA to take some classes and work internships in the entertainment industry. This was a major reason I went to Ithaca.

I was going to spend the spring semester of '97, my junior year, in the LA program, and I was planning on driving across country, but wasn't sure who else was going out. Dave was also going and knew a bunch of people who were planning on doing the same drive. So I hooked onto their group to join the massive caravan of 12 people in 6 cars.

I had never been west of Ohio in my life, so this was going to be a huge event for me, and I decided to keep a nightly journal of our trip. This is a habit I've kept up on nearly every big trip I've taken since then.

Around this time of year, I think about the trip and pull out the journal I kept and skim through it. I've threatened a number of times to read the journal aloud to those who went on the trip, but a few people have recently suggested that I actually transcribe the journal and send it out. Well, I'm going to transcribe it, but instead of emailing it out, starting tomorrow, I'll be posting it up day-by-day, and if you were on the trip, I think it'll bring back some very amusing memories.


PVision said...

a) I can't wait to read it
b) I'm a little scared to read it
c) I feel old
d) All of the above

DopeDaddy said...

One of the best times of my life. Great idea, dude. I just set up my digital camera on a tripod and snapped a few pics of prints that I had from the trip. I'll make a photo album on my site, and I'll also send you the pics, in case any of the pictures go along with some of your musings.

And you should both be scared by some of the pictures I have.... :)