Monday, January 08, 2007

The First Los Angeles Trip: 10 Years Later, Day 3

It's day three of the trip, and it's around this time that the rift between the boys and the girls becomes more and more apparent. Also, we run into a nightmare scenario for the second night in a row...

Wednesday, January 8, 1997

Clarksville, AR to Shamrock, TX
415 miles

It’s 11:22pm and we’re sitting in a hotel in Shamrock, Texas.

Last night, we feel asleep fairly early. But before we fell asleep, we began our nightly farting ritual. We woke up to see snow flakes were falling, but nothing had stuck yet. After getting ready and eating our free donuts, we were back on the road.

Bryan started off driving. We went for about 2½ hours and then got some gas and lunch at Arby’s. That’s when the group started to divide on ideas about driving. All of the girls wanted to go see some friends in Phoenix (except for Bonnie, who was undecided). We decided to drive ahead and meet in Elk City, OK, and from there, we were going to decide what was going on.

We (the guys and Bonnie) were left in the dust by the other four girls. Snow kept falling, so we wanted to keep a slower pace. We drove through Oklahoma City and wanted to stop, but the weather was too bad. When we got to Elk City and stopped for a break, it was decided that we should drive to Shamrock and stay the night.

There was some argument about the rooms. The girls were complaining that because they had to split the cost of a room between the five of them and they were paying more money, whereas we, the guys, split the room amongst the 7 of us and pay less. They suddenly expected us (the guys) to pay as much as they do and to send one of the guys over to stay the night so we’d all be paying the same amount. No one wanted to do that, so the argument is still going.

We got to Shamrock about 5pm. Check-in was tough because the woman wanted to have us pay extra if we all stayed. We’ve gotten away with it at every other hotel so far. Oh well.

We went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Once again, we wanted some booze and stopped in a nearby gas station/convenient mart. When we went in, dirty looks were shot our way from a lot of the people working there. When we asked where we could find beer, the woman behind the counter replied, “Closest you can get it is in Oklahoma, 14 miles away. This is a dry county.” With that, Dave P. laughed out loud mockingly. What are the chances of ending up in a dry county two nights in a row. And the place is called Shamrock - it's the symbol of the Irish, yet you can't get a drink here!!! Does anyone in this town see the irony of it? DRY COUNTIES SUCK!!!

We got back to the hotel. Andrew and I decided to go the 14 miles through the snow to get the booze. We got onto I-40, but there was snow on the ground and it was coming down so fast, that we had no idea when we got onto the 40. (NOTE FROM TODAY: I think at one point we took an exit ramp to get onto the 40. It was really bad weather for Texas, and they just couldn't handle a snowfall that big) We couldn’t see lanes, and, besides the plows trying to clear the highway, we were the only car on the road. It was almost like a horror movie. We got beer at the first stop in Oklahoma: a bunch of 40’s, a 12 pack, and wine coolers. We played “asshole” again and had fun. Andrew stole a Texas license plate (he plays for the rugby team, aka, the Lonestars). Now we’re all hanging out and watching TV and resting


Dope Daddy said...

I'm trying to remember if it was this day, or the next day, when I realized that by Noon, I had already driven the wrong way twice, and that wasn't such a great statistic to have....

One was getting onto I-40, as you mentioned in your post...the signs were completely covered with snow, and we couldn't tell what was the on ramp or off ramp. I remember realizing...'holy sh**, this iS the exit ramp, REVERSE, REVERSE!!'

The other instance was when we got separated somehow, and I remember us driving by a rest stop and seeing the other half of the group in the rest stop. We had to then back up from the highway onto the exit ramp of the rest stop to meet up with Callahan/Patry, etc. (again ignoring the WRONG WAY signs) This was all while it was snowing pretty hard.

Is this the same day that when we got onto the highway, Dawn did a 360 in her Pathfinder and ended up in the left hand median? I can remember watching that happen...scary.

Dumb chick drivers.... (no offense)

Callahan said...

I believe Dawn doing the 360 was the next morning. If I remember correctly, it was the same day as the Cadillac Ranch.

also, I believe I remember us picking the southern route to LA to avoid bad weather happening up north. I bet you it didn't snow once on the northern route.

PVision said...

I still laugh when I think about what we'd say (to eachother) whenever the girls were pissing us off - "you remember how to get to LA, girls - just take 40 West."

Brian said...

All of this is coming soon...very soon.