Thursday, January 11, 2007

The First Los Angeles Trip: 10 Years Later, Day 6

This next entry has everything from drinking to farting to possible bear sightings. It sounds like a summer movie for teens about a camp, but actually, it's just the sixth day of our trip. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 11, 1997

Williams, AZ to Grand Canyon to Kingman, AZ

10:50 PM: We’re now in our room at the Hotel 6 in Kingman. It’s been a busy day. We had a little party last night. Busch was the beer of choice and “asshole” was the game. I started off as the “asshole” for 3-4 games and had to wear the dumb asshole hat. I seem to contract tourette's when I’m asshole because all I did was curse and lose. Andrew and Jamie began to imitate this guy they knew that has tourette's, which sounded like the aliens from “Mars Attacks!”

Willer, Bonnie, Patry, and Andrew:
Dawn, Mather, and Callahan in the asshole hat:
Callahan loves being the asshole:
Mather smiles for the camera. Thanks, asshole:
Dawn in the asshole hat:

Soon enough, we were all pretty sloppy and eventually began to pass out. Willer, Callahan, Andrew, and I slept in the living room. Dawn decided to brave it and crashed with us on the floor and experienced what’s it’s like to be with the guys. She was shocked awake by the sounds we were used to hearing every morning: Callahan’s 21-fart salute, Willer’s big steak farts and the smell!!! She left the room for a moment, walked back in, took a whiff, and made a nasty face. Poor Dawn!

We ate breakfast at McDonald’s, then left for the Canyon. We drove through some real bare land, and after about 45 minutes, we got to the IMAX theatre and caught the Grand Canyon IMAX movie, which was good.

Off to the Grand Canyon. Words cannot describe the sights. It was unreal. I don’t think the pictures taken can show what’s really there. We went to the Bright Angel trail for a while. I was really excited, but as we started going down, it was icy and snowy (and a lot of mule shit was on the ground, too). I began to get scared of the heights (the drop is pretty insane and I do have a fear of heights). I really took my time walking, so I had to catch up with everyone. We only went down about 1/10th of a mile, but it still looked great.

Deciding where to go:
Andrew, Jen, and Bryan were the only ones brave enough to climb off the trail:
Nice hood, Willer!:
Michelle and Patry brave the cold:Climbing back to the top:Patry and Bryan on a ledge:

We then drove around to hit some of the different points. When we were driving around, we saw tons of deer, and as we stopped to look at them, one came within two feet of our cars.

We stopped at “Hermits Cove” and hiked around for a little while, but Bryan thought he saw bear shit and some big prints in the snow.

Just moments before we found bear shit:

So we drove to Hopi Point to watch the sunset – one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen – no exaggeration - but it was freezing out. The sky looked like a postcard. I guess you can’t really describe the Canyon enough to do it justice.

Mather poses for the Heisman as we wait for the sunset:
Michelle and Jen wait for the sunset:
The caravan at sunset:
Andrew watches the sunset:Willer is pensive:

After the sunset, we drove out and stopped for a bathroom break. The only reason I’m writing about this is because at the gas station where we stopped, there was a family of cowboys. The two young boys were in cowboy hats, cowboy shirts, jeans, boots, and had knives on their belts. My guess is they’re not going to grow up to become stockbrokers.

We drove back to Williams to get dinner at Denny’s. Someone suggested that we drive all the way to Vegas tonight. I’m glad we didn’t because after dinner, we drove to Kingman (a two-hour drive) and I was incredibly tired and had trouble staying awake. We’re here now, and I’m ready for Vegas. Hopefully, we’ll do a little gambling.

Misc. Quotes:
“The boy drank throw-up!” –Mike on Andrew’s Rugby initiation where they basically threw up into a boot that he had to drink from
“If we see a bear, have Willer throw his bag at it!” Someone on the potential of a bear attack
“Willer’s on the floor. He’s sick!” -All on Dave’s gas
“My girlfriend’s an anal cleaner.” –Mike’s bad phrasing of his girlfriend’s cleaning habits.
“Don’t they get drunk and shoot things? Isn’t that what they do in Texas?” -Patry looking back at Shamrock, TX being a dry county


PVision said...

Good times at the Grand Canyon. It was also here that we randomly ran into a girl that was a year below me in high school who was on vacation with her family.

Dope Daddy said...

I know I, for one, was ill prepared for the weather. I was not expecting snow, and I know all I had was a spring jacket. I was sooo cold and just wanted to get in the car, but the at the same time, every second, the sky looked more incredible and I needed to keep taking pictures. Watching that sunset was so amazing, and I really want to return again to photograph it with a digital camera. McCarthy is's something you have to see in person, and it's impossible to take a picture of the whole thing.

Another thing I remember from the trip was needing to hit a bathroom every few hours so Patry could do a 'safety'.

Callahan said...

By far one of the best days of the trip. If I remember correctly we had breakfast and dinner at the same Dennys.

Best moment for me: Each day we would call out the order for taking a shower. No one wanted to be last. So as soon as you heard someone up everyone would call their place. Patry starts that morning by calling out 2nd. Then everyone calls 3rd, 4th, etc. As I lay there I say, "I guess I'll go first." What a victory for me. Shock gave way to laughter as everyone realized no one had called 1st.

Best hotel on the trip as well. Guys and girls in the same suite and no complaining about the money.