Saturday, January 13, 2007

The First Los Angeles Trip: 10 Years Later, Day 8

We're almost there...the end of a journey, a journey where boys became men, where girls became enemies with the men, and where men were super cheap and farted a lot. There's still one more entry in a couple of days - I didn't write in the journal again until after we spent a few days in LA. So until the 16th, you'll just have to remain on the edge of your seats, just waiting for the finale.

Monday, January 13, 1997

Las Vegas, NV to Los Angeles, CA

10:29 AM: Only 278 miles to LA. Last night in Vegas was a good time. We went over to Circus Circus to eat at the $5 buffet. We got there, paid, and as we were waiting on line to get food, Mike went back to the hotel because he was worried about the stripper thing and how he would feel responsible if someone did come and break into our room. We all loaded up our trays, and as we sat down, Jen B. decided that the food looked disgusting and she couldn’t eat. Well, I must say, she made the right decision: the buffet was awful. The gravy tasted like ass. The only things that were good were the ice cream and the drinks. The place was loud, hot, and looked like it hadn’t been redecorated since 1974.

After we ate, we went back to the hotel and got some rest. Mike was waiting in the room and had taken the phone off the hook and was very paranoid about every little noise he heard. I kinda feel bad about it, but at least he didn’t miss a good meal (oh, he got his money back from the buffet).

After resting up, all of the guys, Dawn, Bonnie, and Michelle went out to walk the strip. The two Jen’s skipped the walk and decided to sleep. We went back to Treasure Island, then to the Mirage, where we watched the “volcano.” This is where Willer made a very inappropriate joke about a hot girl who was standing nearby, but didn't realize that Michelle was standing right in front of him and heard it. D’oh!

We went into the Mirage and I played some slots. I won $1.50, but ended up losing it quickly. Bryan and Bonnie hit it fairly big: $10 each.

We walked around the lobby and saw Sigfried and Roy’s white tigers. Then it was over to Caesar’s, and we hit the mall again, but this time, we saw some indoor laser light show. These statues move and talk and there’s some laser effects done on the ceiling. It was really corny – reminded me of Disneyland.

After wandering through the casino, we went back to walking the strip. As we were walking, Dave, Mike, Mather, Michelle, and I got separated from everyone else. I guess we were just walking a little bit faster than them. We went ahead, figuring we’d meet up somewhere on the strip or back at the hotel.

We saw the brand new casino, New York, New York. It’s pretty nice for a replica of NYC (Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Statue of Liberty, etc). They just opened up a Motown CafĂ© last night, and Hasselhoff might’ve been there. Dave couldn’t believe it! He was hoping to run into him, but it was not meant to be.

We crossed over through the MGM Grand, and rested our incredibly tired feet before heading back to our hotel. Due to construction on the sidewalk, we had to walk through Harrah’s: how convenient that the detour goes right through the casino.

We stopped at a McDonald’s on the way back and Dave was excited to try their pizza. It looked just like a frozen pizza to me, but he gave it a big thumbs up.

After all of us got back to the hotel, and since none of the other guys were back yet, the four of us took the beds. It was about 1am, but felt much later, so we all pretty much passed out.

This morning, I woke up from the sound of Mike’s 21 gun/fart salute. Each morning, like clockwork, he just farts like a machine gun. The other 3 guys were asleep on the floor; they had come in around 2am. I guess they went to a few casinos, but lost all the money they won. Patry got carded in a casino twice. The first time was in Treasure Island, much earlier in the day. He went to get change and they carded him. I guess at night, he was watching Andrew play when security came over and asked if they were 21. Dave was honest and they were asked to leave. That blows! They did get served drinks at the MGM Grand and walked around the strip with their drinks.

Vegas is interesting. We did see a prostitute in one of the casinos – very easy to spot, and amusing. The phone book had pages of ads for adult entertainers, which was basically like a porno mag in the midst of the phone book. Plus, there were tons of people standing on the sidewalks, handing out porn ads. Very strange.

We left this morning for LA. When we got to the California border, we were in the Mojave desert: absolutely nothing to see.
That’s the other weird thing about Vegas, it’s in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, as we drive through the Mojave, it started raining really hard. Then, we headed up this mountain, and it starts snowing and hailing. Our first time in California and the first thing we see is snow. Real fucked up.

Seriously, this is California:


PVision said...

That snow storm was so crazy to see - I think we just got through the pass before they closed the road for a few hours. Or something.

Michael said...

I made Patry drive in that snow storm. I wanted nothing to do with it. So he had to drive my car in that storm as I took a nap.

If I remember correctly they closed that road down for a few days. Some of the people were late checking into L.A. by a day or two because of that storm.

again, I thought we took this route to avoid the winter weather.

Michael said...

Brian didn't write about the climax of the guys/girls fued. Jen B. had a friend that lived in Flagstaff Arizona. So she wanted to skip Vegas and go see her friend instead.

Not just her mind you. She wanted everyone to go that way. She wanted to veer off the planned out Dope Daddy route. The guys and most of the other girls were like screw that. Thankfully we didn't listen to her and went to Vegas.

Turned out that she hadn't even talked to the friend before hand and was just gonna show up.

That was really the last straw with the girls. It seemed like Jen was trying to be the leader of the girls without even asking the girls what they wanted to do.

Michael said...

I would be really interested to get Dawn's comments on the trip. Where they at???

Mather said...

That day was still the worst driving conditions I've ever been in in my life. I remember watching cars fly off the road in the other direction and praying that none of them crashed into me. Sunny California!