Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The First Los Angeles Trip: 10 Years Later, The Final Entry

Here it is, the final entry from our trip across country. It's really been amazing to re-read about our trip and hear from those of you who were on the trip as well. It was amazing how a bunch of us bonded and had such a great time. I guess that's what a trip across country will do to you.

Thursday, January 16, 1997

10:30PM: Here I am, finally settled into my apartment in LA. When I last wrote, we were in the mountains and it was snowing. Right after we got through there, they shut the road (I-15). We finally got to our apartment complex, checked in and had a quick meeting. For the first three days we’ve been here, it rained.

We went to a Vons Supermarket, where everything is so expensive, almost double what it is in Ithaca. Every time we go down the road, we pass right by Warner Brothers Studios – really sweet! Anthony Carbone saw Ned Beatty in a supermarket the first night we were here.

On Monday and Tuesday night, I partied at Patry, Mike, Mike, and Mather’s apartment and then down at the girl’s apartment. Last night, a bunch of us went to the movies to see Ghosts of Mississippi at Universal City Walk. The movie was awful. We also bought tickets to see Star Wars re-released at Mann’s Chinese on the 31st.

Today, I had my American Film Class, which should be better than the Fiction Film Theory I took last semester. I also made some calls about internships. I have my fingers crossed that I get an internship on “Wag the Dog,” Barry Levinson’s latest film with DeNiro and Hoffman, although, I don’t think they really need the interns so badly.

I’ve got a meeting with someone from a place called Grindstone Productions on Monday. Willer went in to intern at KABC news and loved it. We’re going to Universal on Sunday, and on Monday, a couple of us are going to Santa Monica to hang out while Mikko interviews with Oliver Stone’s company. That would be great for him.

I’m used to the time difference now…and the weather, now that it’s stopped raining.

Back to 2007:

The semester in LA was a great experience. While our friends remained in Ithaca, freezing their asses off, we hung out at the hot tub, bbq'd nightly, and went to every tourist attraction we could get into with a discount:

got closer to Hasselhoff than his restraining order should allow him:

We hung out and met people who dressed up like Star Wars characters:

And eventually, Ithaca began a hostile takeover of Hollywood:
Oh yeah, and I guess we worked some too. Either way, for those who were on the trip, I hope you enjoyed reliving our day-to-day silliness as much as I did. I remember all of you worrying about what I was writing in the journal, but really, it ended up being a lot less damning that it could've been. Except for the part where Patry yelled out, "Larry!" That was pretty bad.


PVision said...

I hate you.

Mather said...

And Larry hates you too.

Thnigs I learned on my trip to LA (and during my time in LA):

* Southern California is neither sunny nor warm in January

* Guys who don't know each other can become fast friends on a road trip. Guys and girls who don't know each other should never go on a road trip because they're liable to murder each other.

* Watching live car chases is awesome

* Wu-Tang Clan aren't as ghetto as they claim to be

* Seeing Bob Hope at the grocery store was a bigger deal than I thought it was at the time.

* I was officially the only person in the entire city of LA that walked to work.

* Any Taco Bell that has autographed pictures of both Charlie Sheen and Urkel is the Taco Bell for me.

* College kids are CHEAP!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian!

I can't believe I missed reading your blog until today (Jan. 28th)! Thanks so much for posting all of this.

OK, so I have to say that I have the worst memory ever and can't remember half of the stuff that happened on our trip. It was great to get a refresher.

I also have to say that I don't remember the guy-girl feud. I vaguely remember the whole money dispute which is so funny to hear! Isn't it crazy that we were all arguing and complaining over rooms that were costing us $6-$7/night! Wow, we were cheap!

I do remember that I was driving in my car with Jen B. She didn't know how to drive since she grew up in NYC, so I had to drive the whole way.

So, thanks again for typing up your journal for us all to see. I've bee planning on doing a scrapbook of our trip, and now I have some great stuff to put in it. Thanks!

- Dawn