Monday, January 08, 2007

The First Los Angeles Trip: First 3 Days In Photos

I was finally able to get to a scanner to update with some more photos from the trip. So, here are some from the first three days of our trip, 10 years ago:

Day 1:

Dave's Agenda
Since he didn't put pictures of himself as the "asshole," here's Willer with the asshole hat on.
And here's Bryan in the asshole crib...

Day 2:
Elvis' Grave
The Memphis Belle
Moments after some of us took a piss in the Mississippi River
Sun Records
Day 3:
Ending the drought of booze after the drive in the snow to Oklahoma.
A typical night of drinking and playing cards.

If you want to see more, hit Willer's website.

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DopeDaddy said...

I loved pissing in the Mississippi