Saturday, January 27, 2007

Heather's Show: Dancing at Lughnasa

Heather's show, "Dancing at Lughnasa" (by Brian Friel), opened last night at Theatre West, and it was great. For those who don't know, Heather's one of the leads in the show and she was fantastic. One of the critics who saw the show last night pulled her aside to compliment her performance. (Although, that same critic did have some notes on her shoes in the first act. Very amusing.)

Heather and her castmates originally performed the show for a festival weekend at Theatre West in July, and the show went so well, and the response was so great, that they decided to give it a full run. The run began last night and it will go until March 10th.

Whenever you go to see a show on opening night, you expect to see some flubs, some flaws, and maybe some of the kinks still being worked out. But because they've already performed the show for the festival and have worked on it for months, "Lughnasa" seemed like it was a well-oiled machine. You couldn't see or sense nerves from stage. Everyone on stage seemed very comfortable and familiar playing their characters. You can see that all the time and energy they've put into this show has payed off.

If you live in LA and you haven't gotten a mass email from Heather or I about it, this is my way of pestering you. If you have gotten the email from me, then this is my way of saying, "Don't forget about Heather's show!"

Here's a teaser from the rehearsals:

For more information on tickets, showtimes, and all that, go to:

Congratulations, Heather!

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Dave said...

Awesome, Heather!! Congrats!!