Monday, January 22, 2007

The Joys of Being Temporarily Retired

I just finished my latest job on Friday, and it was a great experience, but, as every freelancer knows, it's the dreaded period where you have to find your next job. Sometimes your next gig comes out of nowhere immediately, and other times, it takes weeks and months of searching, networking, and scrambling until you land that gig.

Some people call this period "unemployment," while those who have their next gig lined up call it a "hiatus." I prefer the phrase, "temporarily retired." It just makes me sound less lazy and more like a man who doesn't take a job for the money, but for the art. That's actually not true, I will take a job for a lot of money, but it sure is nice when you're working on a show you like, too.

Today is day one of "temporary retirement" for me, and for those who aren't freelance, it's always the weirdest: you wake up at a normal time, but instead of getting ready to work, you realize that there's no work to be ready for. So you lay in bed a bit later, maybe fall asleep for a few minutes, and even read a few pages in that book that's been sitting in mid-chapter for the last three months.

When you decide to get out of bed, it's a new world out there. Suddenly, you can shop at Trader Joe's mid-day without the awful traffic in the parking lot. The apartment's shared laundry room is empty and that pile of stink that used to be clothing can finally be washed. Every show on Tivo is just begging to be watched.

The best part, though, is that you can have a beer with lunch. It's not a habit I want to indulge in every day, but for day 1 of "temporary retirement," it's okay. So for lunch, I've poured myself a delightful glass of New Belgium's "Sunshine" beer (courtesy of Patry) and it tastes so much better than it would at 8pm tonight.

So, to those still at work, I toast to you, and I hope you all will toast to me when you're on your hiatus, or unemployment, or whatever it is you want to call it.

Here's to "Temporary Retirement!" Cheers!

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Mather said...

I would like to pull my plaid slacks up to my nipples and join. I'm voting you President of Del Boca Vista.