Thursday, February 01, 2007

Good Reviews For Theatre West's "Dancing at Lughnasa"

So far, every review for Heather's show at Theatre West, "Dancing at Lughnasa," has been incredibly good, and deservedly so. You can read the full reviews here, but I've also trimmed the blurbs for those who are too lazy to click the link:

Backstage West:

"...this is an engaging piece well suited to this gifted ensemble."

"Donald Moore narrates a flashback-driven script as Michael, the illegitimate son of Christina Mundy and snake-charming local ladies man Gerry Evans. The story line of this couple (played with lovely chemistry by Heather Keller and Yancey Dunham) provides the greatest source of tension within the close-knit clan."

Accessibly Live Off-Line:
"This is one of those stage plays that only seem to get better at each performance. The entire cast of players show their inner joy for their characters in a very realistic sense."

"The production grew out of the Monday Night Acting Workshop, growing bit by bit until, two years after its beginning, it became the beautiful play that it is, produced by Charlie Mount and directed by John Gallogly. The actors play their roles brilliantly, with impeccable Irish brogues."
"Each character is sharply etched and uniquely portrayed. I give this production a firm THREE AXELS and recommend a viewing."
(NOTE FROM ME: Despite not knowing what how many "Axels" one can get, I assume that three is pretty good)

Once again, Congrats, Heather!


Auggie! said...

It is better than Cats! I want to see it again and again!

Dave said...

Good work, HX!! I wish i could come see the play!