Sunday, March 04, 2007


For those who haven't heard of Pinkberry, it's a frozen yogurt place that, in the last year, became a hot spot in LA. A lone Pinkberry opened up in West Hollywood a couple of years ago, and as the hype machine grew louder last summer, it became so popular that people would double park and risk getting a park ticket while they waited on line for an hour just to try some. It was getting tons of press, but no one I know had tried it.

Now, there's a Pinkberry popping up in every neighborhood - one just opened up right around the corner from our apartment. So the other day, a few people from the office went to lunch and across the street was another new Pinkberry location. So we decided to finally dive in and try the infamous "Crackberry."

There are only two flavors (original and green tea) but multiple toppings (fresh fruit, chocolate chips, cereals) to create some sort of diversity. I decided to go with original with some chocolate chips and cookies and cream sprinkled atop. It really looked delicious. But when I took my first spoonful, I was taken aback: it wasn't the vanilla flavor that I so wished it to be, but an incredibly tangy nothingness.

But I had just spent $5 on a small frozen yogurt, and I'll be damned if I give up after just one taste. So I scooped out a second spoonful, this time chock full o' chocolate chips. But the tang overwhelmed any hint of chocolate to the point that I wanted to spit it out. I mean, there really was no taste but tang and awful, and, let's face it, I'm a much bigger fan of sweet and delicious. Of course, I was the lone hater amongst my co-workers, so instead of throwing it out, I let them divvy it up and finish it for me.

Before going into the Pinkberry, I was a bit suspicious that it was all just a bit of hype over very little. After tasting it, I truly believe that there's no way in the world this could continue to be a massively big "thing." I'm guessing most people just like being part of a "scene" as opposed to actually liking the yogurt. It's really just frozen yogurt with no flavor. I can't imagine if I had gone to the original location when it was at the peak of popularity and waited on line for an hour just for some shitty frozen yogurt. I probably would've thrown my frozen yogurt at their window, and yelled out, "Damn you, Pinkberry!!!!" Or maybe I just would've whined and bitched about it like I'm doing now.

On a side note, as we were there, waiting in line, a couple of people in front of us had ordered the largest size available. As they picked up their massive bowls from the counter, they looked at their yogurt suspiciously. They complained that one bowl had more yogurt in it than another. They whined that they wanted their giant bowls of yogurt weighed on a scale to prove their point. Finally, after making a huge stink, one of the employees grabbed the bowls and put them on a small scale. The difference in weight between the two was barely anything, but the customers were adamant that each weigh exactly the same. So the employee added an extra dab of yogurt to the lighter bowl, which evened things out and seemed to make the customers very happy. I guess frozen yogurt will make people do strange things.


Gwen said...

I actually really like it, but I also don't like when things are too sweet (see also my hatred of milk chocolate and regular soda). I've only ever gotten it with fruit, which I think would probably be a better complement to the tanginess, too.

Dave said...

No thanks - I think I'll stick to my Cold Stone Creamery (cake batter ice CREAM with yellow cake, and cookie dough mixed in). You LA folks are too crunchy.

Heather said...

I have still to try it, but alas my allergy to anything dairy once again interferes.