Sunday, September 09, 2007

When The 'Fro Grows

For years, I've been all about getting regular haircuts. Back in the day, I'd go every 3 weeks and get it cut really damn short. As of last year, I was still getting it cut every two months or so. And after those two months, it felt long.

Well, this year, I decided to experiment: what would my hair do if I grew it long? Besides my junior school mullet, I had never tried growing out my hair.

I got a haircut the first week of January this year. It grew and grew and grew. And it grew curlier and curlier and curlier. At times, it looks like I've gotten a perm. Other times, it just looks shaggy. I can pull it down below my lip. I can make it stretch into the air like Kramer. It's pretty amusing. I have been called everything from "hippie" to "Fabio." I resent both.

Initially, I wanted to try to go for a full year without getting a haircut. But today, I decided to get a trim. Until today, I've never gotten a haircut where the hairdresser asked, "Do you want me to cut an inch or half an inch?"

After cutting a half-inch, it doesn't look like I cut much. Heather noticed it right away when she saw it. She thinks there's "layers" to it. There are no layers. The guy just cut a half-inch.

I'm wondering how long I can go until my next haircut.


Gwen said...

I believe this post would benefit from some illustrative photos.

Dave said...

I 2nd Gwen's post - I too was hoping for pictures, as I don't have the benefit of seeing your shaggy, hippie, Fabio hairdo on a daily basis.

Did they make you sit under one of the those big plastic domes and force you to read Ladies' Home Journal? Just checking.

Lisa said...

pictures damn it pictures. what good is a great story with out photo backup? brian, you've let me down, you've let our people down :-( p.s. what happened to evil blake's profile

Ben said...

do you look like buckwheat now?

that would be awesome.