Thursday, October 04, 2007

Meat-Pocalypse IV: The Quest For Ribs

At work, the big excitement lately has been the grill that Dave got for our show. Dave and I have pretty much used it on a daily basis to grill all sorts of things for lunch, and to be honest, it's much more satisfying (and tasty) than eating out.

Once a week, for the last few weeks, we've grilled for our entire crew of about 15-18. We've dubbed these special, weekly occasions: The Meat-Pocalypse! (I've mentioned this once before, briefly, in a previous post.) For each, we have a main course of meat along with various side dishes. The first three Meat-Pocalpse menus were:
  • Chicken, Carne Asada, and Hot Links
  • Beer Soaked Brats
  • Fennel Crusted Pork Chops (Recipe from Top Chef 3, and I can't take credit for creating the marinade, just for grilling)
Well, the big plan for this week's 'Pocalpse was to do BBQ ribs, something I've made tons of times in a stove, slow-cook style, but never done on a grill before. For some variety, we added chicken to the menu as well. Between the ribs and the chicken, I bought nearly 20 pounds of meat!!

Before I actually purchased the ribs, a couple of people at work were skeptical. They gave me an out a number of times, but I refused. I was determined to make the ribs, come hell or high water.

Not only was there a little bit of doubt as to whether I could pull it off, but I was also working alone today. Usually, when we cook for the crew, Dave and I split the duties on the grill, but of course, today, he happened to get called in for jury duty.

I marinated the ribs and the chicken overnight. They smelled great. Outside, I had a two grill set-up. The large grill, affectionately known as "The Silver Bitch" would be for ribs only. The small grill, "Little Bitch," was for chicken. I loved the idea of working two grills at once.
I began cooking the ribs at 11:45am...
...and I began the first of two batches of chicken at around 12:30...
A little while later, about 20 pieces of chicken were done, perfectly juicy and delicious...
And shortly after that, the ribs were completely done, still tender and delicious.
Meat-Pocalypse IV turned out to be a major success...

Our crew brought in some side dishes, including home-made garlic mashed potatoes, spicy green beans, and macaroni salad.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the food a ton. By the time we were done with it, we were left with 3 small ribs, 3 pieces of chicken, and a few scoops of mashed potatoes. Very quickly, people from other shows came over and helped themselves to the last of it.

I called my dad to tell him how well it went (he gave me advice on how to grill them), and he asked me, "How long did it take?" And I told him, "1 1/2 hours." He asked, "So when do you work?" Good question. I'm still trying to figure out the answer.

As we finished up, I got an IM from Dave, still at jury duty, asking, "How did the ribs go?" With some prodding from the crew, we IM'd back that "It was awful, good thing I made a lot of chicken. Catastrophe." And another co-worker, Paul, photoshopped this photo, which we sent to Dave:
Sorry, Dave, we couldn't help it. We were kidding. It was great. We'll make ribs another day so you, too, can enjoy them.

I can't wait for next week's big day, a slight variety on the 'Pocalypse, where instead of one main course, we'll bring in a lot of different kinds of meat to try. It'll be our very first Meat-A-Palooza.

And in two weeks, we've planned for tri-tip. Man, I love work.


Me said...

So, so funny. Brilliant.

PVision said...

You fucker. I'm going to shit in your next turkey burger.

Lisa said...

nice hair! ;-)

btw, i've been called "the silver bitch" too.

p.s. like i can control what comes out of blake's mouth!! such wishful thinking. i'm still gonna try though, or maybe just walk away when he starts talking.

Michael said...

mmmmm ribs!

Erin said...

Bri - where are your veggies?