Saturday, December 22, 2007

Not In Kansas (Or Los Angeles) Anymore

I'm sitting in a bright pink library, sitting next to a woman in a Dixie flag jacket whose phone keeps ringing "Sweet Child O' Mine" and is getting flustered by the "computers and electronics and stuff." There are a pair of horses in the back, painting pictures. On the drive over, we saw a couple of guys hanging outside of their garage, staring at the engine on their Camaro (and I believe one person was wearing Zubas).

That's right, I'm in Florida.

Heather and I are here, visitng her grandparents for the holidays. Her mom and brother Mark are here, and the rest of her family is coming down in the next few days.

I'll be without email for the next few days (HOW WILL I SURVIVE???), but can always come here to the local public library to sign up to use these public computers. The kid next to me is playing some dragon slaying game. That looks like a lot more fun than blogging.

Oh, and I'm now obsessed with getting a crossword puzzle book. I finished on in the back of the US Airways magazine on our flight yesterday, and I'm dying to do more. Weird, right?

Okay, that was a whole lot of randomness. Really, what I wanted to say was, if you're trying to email me over the next few days, I might not get to it for a while. I may be too busy with my corsswords.

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Lisa said...

ahhh, Florida, i remember it well. Glad to see/hear that somethings never change. as far as being there - better you than me ;-)
happy holidays!!!