Monday, December 31, 2007

Scenes From A Bowl Game

The other day, our family went to the Meineke Car Care Bowl at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. Normally, I don't have an interest in college football, but since Wake Forest was playing, and both my sister and brother-in-law went there, it was a no-brainer to go.

The game was great: Wake Forest were down 10-0 at halftime, but came back to win 24-10. We had great seats in the end zone, and were lucky that Wake scored a couple of times right in front of us. The only downfall were the assholes sitting a few rows in front of us who wouldn't sit down, and nearly started a fight with the people sitting right behind them.
It was a fun game to see. The bowl game atmosphere was electric - even though the stadium was only 2/3 sold, it sounded much louder than that.

While I root for Wake Forest, I'm not a die-hard fan like John, my brother-in-law. He lives and dies with every up and down that Wake Forest sports has, particularly basketball and football. Going to this bowl game would either mean that John would have a good day or a bad day. I carefully watched John as the game went on and documented his emotions. With every score, John's emotions and body language changed drastically. Here, is a photo essay I took of John reacting to the game:
1. Alarmed (Wake Losing, 7-0)
2. Surrender (Wake Losing, 10-0)3. Hope (Wake Losing, But Coming Back, 10-7)
4. Confidence (Wake Takes The Lead, 14-10)
5. Elation (Wake Extends Lead, 17-10)
When Wake was losing at halftime, John was silent, confused, and absolutely stunned. It was almost as if he couldn't speak any more. But as soon as they started to come back and were winning, John was talking again, and predicting a 20-10 victory.

I'm happy for John that they won. I'm happy for Erin that they won, and John was happy. I'm just happy it was a good game. Heather was just happy to have some nachos.



Erin said...

Figuring out what kind of mood John will be in after the game is the bigger roller coaster for me, not the game.

Winston said...

Change the sporting event (ie, Yankees playoffs) and the angle of the camera (ie, towards Brian) and I'm pretty sure we get the same pics.

Leeroy Jenkins said...

Can we talk about Pedro in photo #4... I'm thinking he's about to say: "Oh goody. I could just squeal with glee!"