Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What's This Dusty Thing In The Corner? (Updated With New Picture Goodness)

That's right, it's my blog. I totally forgot about it - it was buried under that pile of laundry in the corner.

Okay, so I've been ignoring this thing for the last month. I really don't have any good reason other than I was suffering from a severe case of "laziness."

So to get back into the blogging spirit, here's a few little things that amused me recently:
  • Heather's theater company had their Christmas party last night, and she asked me to pick up some chicken from Ralph's. I went to the counter to get some, and saw the price tag, "8 pieces for $5.99." The woman working the counter came over to help and I asked for "12 pieces of chicken." She stared at me, dumbfounded, and mumbled, "That's more than 8." I stared back at her, myself now dumbfounded as well, and noted, "Yes it is." Eventually, after we stared at each other awkwardly for a while, she got me 12 pieces of chicken. It apparently was a major challenge, but she overcame it.
  • The night got even better later on, when I walked into the theater party and saw an elderly man I totally recognized, but couldn't quite place the face with a name. I knew he was a character actor of some sort, but couldn't quite figure out what he was from. After a few moments, I realized, it's UNCLE LEO...from SEINFELD! It took a lot for me not to yell out, "UNCLE LEO!" in front of the entire party. I will forever remember this as the "Christmas of Uncle Leo." UPDATE: Here's the picture he took with Heather:
  • The rain in LA has me feeling like its a snow day. We had our fake fireplace on today, Christmas tree lit up, and I'm sitting in comfy clothes, relaxing, trying to recover from a cold. It certainly is "winter" in LA.
  • Oh yeah, and here's our Christmas set-up this year...
That's all for now. I promise to blog again sooner than another month.


Mather said...

Uncle Leo ... HELLLOO!

Auntie El said...

Uncle Leo is one of our favorite Seinfeld characters!!!! Was he wearing the watch he picked from the garbage? I thought you weren't blogging to honor the writers' strike. Glad to see you back.

Teresa said...

Brian, I certainly hope by feeling like a snow day in LA you simply mean a lazy day by the Christmas tree or else it's just been a long time since you've experienced a real snow day if rain in LA can feel like a snow day...Don't you remember those New Jersey snows???? In case you've forgotten a snow day is like this: just last week in NJ, 3 of us had to walk down a hill in snow & sleet; we walked together just in case one of us were to slip & fall...