Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mad Dash To Leave Town

Before I leave on trips, I like to make lists of things I need to do. It makes me feel better for some reason. Well, for the blog, I'll make a list of good & bad from the week...

  • Leaving town tomorrow for NC to see my sister get her PHD
  • The Yankees clinched a playoff spot
  • Halo 3 is awesome and makes me smile
  • Meatpocalypse 3: grilling pork with Patry for our entire staff, and yes, it was delicious
  • The Giants beating the Redskins
  • The new Foo Fighters album is good
  • You can download Wes Anderson's short film "Hotel Chevalier" free on itunes
  • I got tickets to see Van Halen in LA, and I will rock out hard!
  • All my laundry is done
  • Car breaking down; being without car from Sunday until tonight
  • Dealership trying to overcharge me
  • Bringing car to other mechanic to get better deal
  • Our flight is at 8am LAX.
  • No Halo 3 for a weekend
  • I am extremely gassy from beans from the Meatpocalypse today (Poor Heather)
  • I still have to pack
  • Did I mention the 8am flight...
Reports from North Carolina to come...if I have internet at the hotel.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Random Thoughts On a Sunday Afternoon

There's been a lot going on lately, so here's some random things, Larry King-style:
  • I've gone to Chinatown more in the last six months than I had in the first 8 1/2 years that I've lived in LA. It's actually kind of great. Heather can get cheap clothes that are funky, and I'm amused by all the rip-off toys and bootlegged DVD's. And Heather found a fantastic restaurant, Yang Chow, which reminds me a lot of east coast Chinese food.
  • The Yankees are making me happy. A Giants win over the Redskins today would make me really happy.
  • Last week, we went to the Magic Castle for the first time. If you live in LA and haven't been yet and get an invite, I highly recommend it. We got our invite from Rob, a fellow member of Heather's theater company who was performing with his group, The Unholy Three. We started at the WC Fields Bar to watch The Unholy Three, who put on a great show. You can wander around the castle, an impressive place, and catch little side shows at some of the bars that are scattered throughout. There's also three main stages, where you have to wait for shows, and each is a different size: Close Up Gallery, Parlour of Prestidigitation (medium sized), and the Palace of Mystery (larger). We got to see shows in both the Close-up Gallery and the Parlour, as well as watching some of the magicians putting on some shows around at the bars. There were some amazing tricks and great shows. Highly entertaining. Plus, I did get to meet the drummer of the Pixies, Dave Lovering, who is one of The Unholy Three.
  • We did a 70's themed double DVD feature last night: "Zodiac" and "Inside Deep Throat." "Zodiac" is a great film - highly, highly recommend it. I haven't seen Heather get that freaked out by a movie in a long time. Now, I want to begin my own personal investigation of the Zodiac. "Inside Deep Throat" was fascinating. Not my favorite doc of all time, but very entertaining. It was kind of perfect to watch after "Zodiac" had us wound up.
  • For the last week and a half at work, I've been grilling lunch every day. See, Patry got a new grill for our office and we wanted to try doing a few "meat days" where we'd grill our lunch instead of going out and eating really crappy. It was such a success that I haven't left the office for lunch in over a week (and that was because I had errands to run). Plus, we've had two "Meat-Pocalypse" days, where we grilled for our entire staff. Week one was chicken and carne asada. Week two were beer soaked brats. For week three, I've stepped up and I'm going to try to grill some ribs.
Okay, now, I have to get back to watching football. It's crunch time for the Giants.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gorillas In the Midst (Of A Phil Collins Video)

This was on defamer yesterday. I watch and just giggle. I shall say no more:

To see the original, click here.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

When The 'Fro Grows

For years, I've been all about getting regular haircuts. Back in the day, I'd go every 3 weeks and get it cut really damn short. As of last year, I was still getting it cut every two months or so. And after those two months, it felt long.

Well, this year, I decided to experiment: what would my hair do if I grew it long? Besides my junior school mullet, I had never tried growing out my hair.

I got a haircut the first week of January this year. It grew and grew and grew. And it grew curlier and curlier and curlier. At times, it looks like I've gotten a perm. Other times, it just looks shaggy. I can pull it down below my lip. I can make it stretch into the air like Kramer. It's pretty amusing. I have been called everything from "hippie" to "Fabio." I resent both.

Initially, I wanted to try to go for a full year without getting a haircut. But today, I decided to get a trim. Until today, I've never gotten a haircut where the hairdresser asked, "Do you want me to cut an inch or half an inch?"

After cutting a half-inch, it doesn't look like I cut much. Heather noticed it right away when she saw it. She thinks there's "layers" to it. There are no layers. The guy just cut a half-inch.

I'm wondering how long I can go until my next haircut.

Slow Night, So Long

This has been the summer of concerts. It seems like everyone good is coming through town these days and I've had a tough time saying no to a show. This weekend, though, was the first time all summer that I've gone to shows on consecutive nights. And both were so radically different, it was almost amusing.

On Friday, I went to Kings of Leon at the Greek. I first saw KOL at Coachella this year and was blown away by them: their mid-day set seemed to match the 105 degree temperatures. So when I heard they were coming to the Greek, I signed up right away.

They didn't disappoint. All 6,000 at the Greek were on their feet for their entire set and had tons of energy. It didn't seem like an LA-crowd, prompting the band mention this between songs. But I think a lot of that had to do with the Kings' performance: they just fucking rocked. I mean, straight up, loud, fast rock and roll. It was the perfect way to end the week.

There's still a few performances from the show stuck in my head: "Taper Jean Girl," "Trani," but most of all, "Slow Night, So Long."

And "Slow Night, So Long," is what I said after seeing Hall & Oates last night at the Hollywood Bowl.

Now, let me clarify something: I did not purchase tickets to see "Hall & Oates" months in advance. After the Kings of Leon show, Blake mentioned that he got some $9 tickets to Hall & Oates at the Bowl, thinking it would be an amusing show. He had an extra ticket, so I figured for $9, it wouldn't be too bad.

Whereas Kings of Leon were 1 1/2 hours of pure energy and rock, Hall & Oates were 1 1/2 hours of easy listening and slight boredom. Sure, I enjoyed hearing "Meaneater," "Sara Smile," and "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)," but in order to get to those hits, we had to sit through a bunch of new, crappier material. I don't mean to be harsh, but I go to a show like that to hear all the greatest hits. I don't want to hear your new cover of "What's Going On?" As we walked out of the show, a lot of the crowd seemed to be complaining that they didn't play "Private Eyes" and a few other huge hits.

The band sounded fine and Darryl Hall's voice still sounds great (although Oates is looking a little pulled back and creepy), but the show was pure cheese. The stage banter was amusing ("This next one's a song about getting off the road. It's about simple things in a complex world") and Hall seemed to be more into fussing with his hair than singing. Oh yeah, and at one point, there was a flute solo. A fucking flute solo at a "rock" concert.

Trust me, I had fun and knew from moment one that it would be a silly, cheese-fest of 80's music. But one night after seeing something really kick-ass, really made the night suffer in comparison. If the crowd at the Hall & Oates show had been at the Greek Theater a night earlier, they would've been booing Hall & Oates off the stage and chanting for Kings Of Leon to come out and rock their asses off.

PS: Oh yeah, one other thing: there was a large catfight/near-brawl after the Kings of Leon show. Four girls yelling and pulling hair and their boyfriends shoving each other and putting each other in headlocks, nearly coming to blows. That was awesome. There was nothing that cool at the Hall & Oates show.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

America's Got Talent

I saw this on laist today and had to share. This is the first time I've ever heard the words, "A vocal, ventriloquist, clog act," said in the same sentence. And make sure to watch when they stop down for technical difficulties:

That's a whole lot of creepy.