Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Decision 2008: The First Ever Live From Rodney Drive Poll

It is election season, so I figured I'd get into the spirit and host a poll on my blog, but it's not about politics. Before you answer the poll, let me tell you a little story, and yes, this is a true story (names have been changed to protect the semi-innocent):

This family, we'll call them "The Smith Family," have a number of cats. One of the cats, we'll call him "Fatty," was about 21 years old. Fatty wasn't necessarily a nice cat until his very old age. The few times I came in contact with Fatty, he was not necessarily sweet towards me.

Fatty, being an old cat, got sick with some sort of cancer. As his health was rapidly declining, Mr. and Mrs. Smith did everything in their power to make sure Fatty was comfortable. But after a while, his illness got too bad, and they had to eventually put Fatty down.

Sad, yes, but here's where the story takes a turn...

So Mr. and Mrs. Smith brought Fatty back home to have their own funeral. But, distraught over the cat's death, Mr. Smith was reluctant to bury the cat. He had become more attached to the cat than ever before.

Instead of burying the lifeless cat that day, Mr. Smith decided that Fatty would spend one more night with the family. Come bedtime, Mr. and Mrs. Smith got into bed. They gently placed the dead cat into his familiar place on the bed. And then, they slept. With the dead cat. In the bed. All night. And no one in that household seemed to think it was too strange.

When I talked with one the Smith children, they said, "I didn't think it was weird until I was telling it to my girlfriend." Of course, when I heard this story, I immediately thought, "This is fucked up."

So, I wanted to take a poll: How fucked up is that Mr. and Mrs. Smith slept with the dead cat?

And for your viewing pleasure...


Lisa said...

ok i suck... i assumed that the voting was in order so when i read "very fucked up" i clicked, not seeing below was "beyond fucked up" and it won't let me change my vote.
p.s. you have some SICK friends. even i wouldn't do that!!!!

Bill said...

Hey, I do believe I've been misquoted! I knew it was weird all along, I swear.

head cleared said...

This isn't normal?