Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heather's Play; Story In Today's LA Times

This weekend, Heather's latest play, "Bump," is opening at Theatre West. It's a collection of different original pieces written by Theatre West members. Heather's in one of the pieces, and, even better she wrote one a piece, and it's closing the night.

The LA Times featured a picture and small blurb about it in today's calendar section (hit to enlarge):

It's cool because Heather's acting, writing, and the photo above was taken by her (just look at the photo credit on the very bottom of the article).

The show is running Jan 25-Feb 3, 2008. To make reservations, call 323-851-7977.

And don't forget, Heather's piece is the closer, which is good why? Because coffee is for closers....


PVision said...

"Fuck you! That's my name!"

Lisa said...

Had a great time. REALLY enjoyed the piece Heather was in AND Bizarre, the one she wrote. GO HEATHER - oh, and GO GIANTS!