Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Found A Stairway To Heaven, And It Does Not Lead To a Pretty Place

So back a few weeks ago, I was walking through a K-Mart in Florida (quite an experience), and as I wandered through the "Men's" section, I spotted a pair of Led Zeppelin boxers. They were so hideous looking, I had to take a picture:
But what made them even more amusing is that when you turned them around, this is what they put on the ass:
Apparently, the stairway leads right into your colon.


Auntie El said...

Hey, Brian, speaking of "The Mart" your cousin Sean got propositioned in Wal or K Mart this past weekend. Some skanky looking chick, about college age, asked him for gas money. Kept bothering him, asking for gas money. She finally said, "I'll do anything for money..." The manager came over and said she had been doing that all day; they called cops and cops said there was nothing they could do!! So, be careful when phtographing underwear in the Mart, it may lead to other things beside your colon.

Erin said...

So....does that mean your colon is Heaven? Hmph.

Buffy said...

Hey - the Wizard's "staff" is urniating, er, staffing all over the front of the boxers.