Saturday, July 26, 2008

Various Thoughts On A Saturday Evening

I've been busy lately, but figured it'd be a good time to update the blog, so here goes:

1. I've been working on this show for a while, and one of my main jobs is to bring out the drama of things that happen at the beach. Part of my job is to write VO lines for the show, like, "The man is pulled out by the clutches of a vicious rip current," and, "The powerful surf and rocky chop batter the swimmer, exhausted," and so on, and so on.

So of course, when Heather and I went to the beach a few weeks ago, all I could do is look at swimmers, and "write" VO in my head as I watched them simply go swimming. Any time a lifeguard went towards the water, I sat up, excited at the prospect of "narrating" a rescue. But sadly, it was a slow day, and no one was in need of a rescue.

2. The Yankees upswing has been nice, but unlike many fans I know, I never panicked. I always thought they'd pull it together and start getting hot again. Not bad.

3. Based on everyone's recommendation, I tivo'd the "Mad Men" marathon last week. I'm hooked, and I plan on using the adjective "swell" a whole lot more, as in, "I went to see 'The Dark Knight' and it sure was swell!"

4. My new favorite blog of the moment is called Get Rich Slowly. Since we've been house hunting, I've become obsessed with saving money, and this is a great site with some interesting tips. Thanks to Blake for that one.

5. My favorite album of the summer (and maybe the year, so far) is the Hold Steady's "Stay Positive." I would post the song, "Sequestered in Memphis," but the site I usually use to post tunes isn't letting me do it. Basically, the song is about a guy who hooked up with some girl in Memphis, but she got him into some trouble with the authorities. Now, he's being interviewed about it. It's a bit vague, but it has this gem of a lyric:

"In bar-light, she looked all right;
In daylight, she looked desperate
That’s all right, I was desperate, too"

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