Friday, October 10, 2008

I Now Pronounce You Husband and Husband

An co-worker married his longtime partner today at city hall. He and his husband had talked about it for a while and decided to do it today, before the vote comes down on California's Proposition 8 - an anti-same-sex marriage prop on California's ballot this year.

I'm invited to their cocktail party/reception tomorrow, so tonight, I went to Target to get a card and gift. (I was hoping to find a card with two guys high-fiving and a big, "Congratulations on your wedding!" on it, but that didn't exist.) After searching through every crappy wedding card around, I realized that its hard to find a wedding card appropriate for two guys. Most cards are for "Mr. and Mrs.," or feature a bride and a groom on the cover, or have frilly hearts and colors on them.

That's when it struck me: someone can make tons of money one same-sex wedding cards. And if they do, I'm suing so I get my rightful piece of the pie. Prop 8, you better fail, just so I can make tons of cash on my new scheme.

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Chris Kontos said...

Dude you missed the boat! And I'm not talking the movie "Boat Trip"!