Thursday, October 09, 2008

Nothing To See Here

Well, here we are, mid-October...well, early-mid October, and I'm cleaning the dust and cobwebs off my blog. It's about time.

So, what's happening with me, you're wondering?

Not much.

Okay, maybe that's a lie.

Heather and I are trying to buy this:

I can't say what it is in fears of jinxing it, but we're in escrow. I totally know that by posting this, I'm going to fuck things up. Damn it, blog, why did you let me do this.

Thanks to this whole thing, I've now become a penny pincher and I'm absolutely obsessed with money management and Quicken. If I haven't budgeted something, we are not buying it or spending money on it. I've gone back to living the way I did back when I moved out to LA and had very little to my name. Except now, I have something big to my name and have to spend all my money on it.

I will say no more - just in case something goes wrong...or I freak out and run away.


PVision said...

Nidu. Welcome. said...

Quicken? Man, that's old school. Join the internet revolution!

Ellen said...

Brian, I will hold back on saying how absolutely adorable the house looks until you sign all the final papers. Good luck.