Saturday, November 01, 2008

The End of (The Apartment) World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

I just went to hand in a 30-day notice to our landlord. I guess this means we're officially leaving our comfy, little, rent-controlled pad. Very sad. This place has been home for nearly six years. I love the neighborhood and I'm going to miss being able to walk around and hit up some of our favorite restaurants and bars. It's the first place where Heather and I lived together. It's where we got engaged. It's not going to be easy to leave.

But apartment life, that's another story entirely. I won't miss our community laundry room that reeked of moisture and mold. I won't miss the neighbor downstairs who complained when there was a little bit of noise when we made "Behind the Fake Music." I won't miss the lone parking spot in the garage. I won't miss the lack of space in the place. I won't miss hearing neighbors yelling and screaming at each other in Russian (or whatever that lovely language they're using to scream in).

And tonight, there yet another reason why I won't miss living in the apartment. This flier was posted up on the front doors of our building, as well as placed on everyone's door.

Let's just hope our new neighbors aren't huge fans of "Hairspray."


Terri said...

Ahh. Apartment life. Reminds me of college when my downstairs neighbors played Reggae and Wheezer (not at the same time) at 3:00 am. Good times.

Erin said...

Don't forget the woman nearby that hacks and gags every morning. My visits to you and Heather were always made a bit more interesting by that early morning wake-up.

PVision said...

Congrats! I almost pooped myself when I gave notice on our Apartment!

Lee said...

A 30yr fixed mortgage is kinda like rent control... Kinda. Maybe?