Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Alskan Adventure Begins!!!

For those who don’t know, a few days after getting married, I booked a gig about herring fishing that would take me to Alaska for two weeks. I don’t usually go on the road for shows, but I was looking forward to this one.

I left on Thursday at 6am – flying from LA to Seattle, Seattle to Anchorage, Anchorage to Dillingham, Alaska, and Dillingham to Togiak, our final destination. A 12-hour journey.

Togiak is so remote, that you can only get there by boat or by plane…and not a big plane, a six seater. Yeah, really tiny. This was our plane to head over.

No one was singing "Peggy Sue" while on-board.

Despite my initial fear of flying in the tiny plane, I held up. It was a great ride - all mountains and snow. No roads, no houses, nothing.

I did white knuckle it twice – once when the wind was blowing us around a bit, and once when our pilot sneezed and jerked the wheel.

No puke bag needed.
Destination: Togiak

After landing in Togiak, we were taken to our accommodations – a bed and breakfast run by a nice couple. Since so many people are around for the fishing season, the place is packed, so myself and another producer are staying in a “guest house.”

Home sweet home...

The view from our living room

The accommodations have been great, and the food has been amazing. We couldn't be at a better place. I played in a poker game with the owners and some of the other guests and friends of the owners. It's been very comfortable here. And there's fresh goodies (Cookies, rice crispie treats) everyday...I can't wait to get back to LA to re-start my diet.

The weather has been spectacular – 60 degrees and crystal clear. Every time I step outside, all I see is water and mountains. Breathtaking. Pictures do it no justice.

The beach outside the house.

Boats prepping for the herring season.


Yesterday, we went out on a skiff to check out one of our main boats, Time Bandit, and meet up with some of our camera crew. It was a fun trip – I’ve seen the boat on Deadliest Catch, but I got a great perspective of how big it really is. The boat seemed nicer than some of my apartments. It’s impressive.
My head is bigger than Time Bandit.

Okay, maybe Time Bandit is bigger than my head.

To get out there, I was given a pair of suspenders and an awful neon green jacket to keep warm on the water. The colors may not be flattering, but I wasn’t taking any risks.

Neon: It's not just for bar signs any more.

The day in Alaska last until 11pm, so last night, I went for a run at 10:50pm and was able to get back as the sun was setting behind the mountains at around 11:20. It’s kind of amazing – my body was trying to wind down from the day, but I felt exhausted and ready to go to bed.

This is my running route. Hard to get lost.

Sunset at 11

Today has been a bit slower - we're waiting for fish and game to start the fishing season. The big excitement today here was a fire down at the airport. Nothing like a little a fire to bring out EVERYONE. I mean, every person in town sped to the airport like they were going to put out the fire. There's only one road in town, so I guess it was the equivalent of a freeway. Trucks, ATV's, kids on bikes, all rushing to catch some of the action. Of course, they beat the fire department by a good 10 minutes.

I'll keep posting as things happen, and get pictures on when I can. We have no cell phones, so the internet is key to everything. It is amazing - Heather and I did a video chat, and I took her outside for a tour. If you'd like a tour, feel free to send me an IM. I'll take you outside for a walk.

Hi, my name is Brian, and welcome to Universal Studios, Togiak...

And before I go for today, let me introduce you to the adorable Brandy - the dog of the house.

We're having a good time in Alaska. Now let's hope the fish bring some good drama and TV!!


Heather said...

OMG! It's all so crazy!

Erin said...

This looks like it will be an amazing experience. By the end, you will be qualified to run as VP.

Heather said...

Have you seen Russia yet?