Saturday, May 23, 2009

Togi The Dog

So in my last post, I mentioned the little dog who was hanging around.
The little guy and his little brother were wandering around the area, clearly looking for food, no real home to go to. His brother was slightly standoffish, but the little blonde guy bonded with me very quickly. No one had fed him in forever, so I was slipping him some crackers and snacks. He was BEYOND thrilled to eat. I took a liking to this little guy, but didn't think much about him until I heard about most dogs in this little Village.

People here don't treat their dogs right (the couple who run this B&B treat their dog fantastically and are the exception to the rule). Everyone has their dogs chained up outside, with very little room to run. There is very little human contact for these dogs, and they all look very hungry and thirsty. It's heartbreaking.

A lot of unwanted puppies get born and roam around. As these dogs grow up and begin to roam, they get into a lot of danger. Apparently, there are strict leash laws, and when dogs go wandering around the village, there are people who will shoot the strays for being off-leash. These strays can also get eaten by bears. Seriously.

So after hearing about this, the entire crew was thinking about saving this little guy and his brother. We talked about taking the little brother, who was black, off to the Time Bandit so they could have a new mascot (their old dog died recently). Someone asked the alleged "owner" about it, and the "owner" said they could have the dog as long as they bring it back. These people don't care about the dog - they just want some money. So the other day, the black dog just disappeared. My guess is that they held onto it knowing the show may take it.

But the little blondie kept showing up, looking for crackers for me. And also looking to lick my face. He was so sweet. So I talked with some of the locals here, and they said it'd be fine just to take him and not tell anyone. Then I talked with Heather about it, and we decided that this little guy deserved a better shot at life than what he'd have here, so we're bringing him back to LA. Yup, that's right, Winnie's got a new "frien-emy!"So we've decided to name him Togiak, but we're calling him Togi. The little guy's been staying with me for the last four days. We've had a few rough patches of piss and shit on the floor and some teething issues, but otherwise, he's awesome. And he doesn't love the cold, wet Alsaka weather. This guy is clearly made for LA.
I think he's a mix between a huskie and a lab, but not really sure. I actually saw a dog today that looked like an adult version of him. It may be his mother or father - and that dog also looked like a mutt. That's a good thing


Dave said...

Nice dude, congrats. Bob Barker would be proud. Just work on the housetraining before I come out to visit again!

Erin said...

Many many congrats. I can't wait to meet him!!

Lisa said...

way to make a girl cry!!! you know how much i love this story. i feel in love with him from the first time you posted of him. what a great story and a happy ending. I'm so happy for you and heather and togi. I hope Togi, Riley and Little Man can have a play date, once he is acclimated to his new life.

He also, looks a little like one of the two dogs i rescued a year ago, which i think was a lab chow mix... the eyes look very similar. whatever he is, he is NOTHING short of ADORABLE!!! many happy loving years together!!!

Heather said...

He looks very devoted.

Lisa said...

who looks devoted, Brian or Togi? ;-)

Gwen said...

Awwwww!! Congrats on the new addition!!

Anthony said...

The same thing happens here in Costa Rica. There are dogs roaming around everywhere and I so want to take one home with me. Good for you. Can't wait to meet him.